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Death of the mobile contract? Free WhatsApp SIM plan lands in UK



If you’re paying a mobile network for voice and text you’re doing it all wrong. That’s the message from FreedomPOP, the MVNO whose new free WhatsApp SIM launches in the UK today.

The upstart network will give you a SIM free of charge and allow you to use WhatsApp without incurring data costs.

The plan, which launched in the US last month, also gives users 200MB of data to use outside of WhatsApp and 100 calling minutes.

FreedomPOP’s WhatsApp SIM also works in 30 countries abroad including most of Europe and the United States, making it absolutely perfect for traveling even if you don’t plan to use it as your full-time SIM.

So, what’s in it for FreedomPOP? Well, you’ll pay for any regular text messages you send as well as excess data and minutes you use.

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However, the company is really operating on the premise that you’ll eventually convert to its more extensive plans.

A 1GB a month plan with unlimited everything else is £20.99, 2GB is £29.99.

If you want to jump aboard you can today, just by shelling out a fiver in postage for the SIM. If you decide not you use it after that then that’s all you’re losing.

Could this zero-rated plan be the initiative that prompts the major networks to start upping their games? Share your thoughts below.


September 1, 2016, 11:59 pm

No! It won't disturb the big operators. No liberation in sight at those prices.
It's doom is just to be an esoteric little novelty with a short life.
Hide the Flag of Freedom back in the mountains for a little longer.


September 4, 2016, 9:58 pm

Your prices are completely wrong. Unlimited minutes, texts and WhatsApp with 1GB data is £9.99 and with 2GB is £13.99. Unused data of up to 500MB per month can be rolled over to a maximum of 20GB for use when needed.

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