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Deal: Save £85 on this retro portable record player



Got a cracking vinyl collection you wish you could share with more people? Then you need a portable record player - like this stylish turntable-cum-briefcase that's currently £85 off over on Amazon.

Made by Sheffield-based company UKayed, the snazzy retro leather briefcase conceals a 3-speed turnable capable of playing records at 33rpm, 45rpm and 78rpm. There's two speakers built-in to the briefcase as well as an RCA line out, if you really want to turn things to 11.

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There's also Bluetooth connectivity, should you wish to return to the modern MP3 era, and the device packs a battery that's easily rechargeable via USB cable.

Buy now: UKayed portable vinyl turntable just £45

Normally retailing for £130, it's currently nearly £85 off and can be yours for just £45 - a hearty 65% discount. What are you waiting for?

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May 18, 2016, 8:15 am

The only thing that record player is going to do is plough the music out of your vinyl, and it will sound utterly terrible to boot. It is effectively a lathe. I wouldn't touch it even if they gave it to me.

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