Deal: Save £30 on Amazon Echo, and save £10 on Echo Dot

Have you ever wanted to live out the sci-fi dream of owning your own artificial intelligence? Well now you can, and at a discounted price too.

In celebration of the Black Friday deals bonanza, Amazon has cut the price of the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers.

Both speakers come equipped with Amazon’s Alexa AI, which can perform a wide-range of tasks based on vocal commands. The Echo proper is a decent speaker in its own right, and though the Dot has its own built-in speaker, you’re better off plugging it into an existing Hi-Fi system.

Check out the savings below:

Buy Now: Save £30 on Amazon Echo – now £120

Buy Now: Save £10 on Amazon Echo Dot – now £39

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What we said

We gave the Amazon Echo a 4/5 score, praising its attractive design, easy setup, versatile ‘Skill’ selection, good (and improving) voice recognition, and smart home functionality. Here’s our verdict:

“Alexa isn’t quite Jarvis from Iron Man yet, but I have no doubt that she’s on the way there. The original iPhone changed how we interact with technology, allowing us to control devices with apps via a screen and clean UI, and now Alexa promises to do the same for devices with Wi-Fi – but this time using voice.”

We gave the Amazon Echo Dot a 4.5/5 score, praising its small form factor, audio output options, and cheap price. Here’s our verdict:

“The Echo Dot is simply a better device than the original Echo. It does everything its big brother does, but offers greater versatility and costs a third of the price. if you’re after a voice assistant to take control of your home, or even if you’re just curious to take a peek at the future of home automation, this is a no-brainer.”

What owners say

On Amazon, the Echo has a 4/5 score based on 1,727 user reviews. One user wrote: “It’s completely lived up to the hype. The sound quality of the speaker is amazing. The microphones pick up everything with 95% accuracy. It’s even happy to understand a 4-year-old with ‘Alexa, tell me a joke’. The integration with Prime Music, Spotify, TuneIn radio etc. is amazing.”

Buy Now: Save £30 on Amazon Echo – now £120

On Amazon, the Echo Dot has 4.1/5 score based on 1,170 user reviews. One user wrote: “The AI functionality of the Dot is perfect in my opinion and I would say it recognises my commands 90% of the time. If you like to time-manage your tasks, then this is probably ideal for you.”

Buy Now: Save £10 on Amazon Echo Dot – now £39

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How good a deal is this?

Both the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot have improved massively since their inception, so while early reviews may not have been very positive, the proposition is now far better. That’s why we were willing to give both devices such high scores.

With £30 and £10 savings respectively, the Echo and Echo Dot are now seriously good value. If you were considering picking up either device, now is definitely the time to bag yourself one. And do bear in mind that the products should improve over time too, thanks to Amazon’s machine learning technology.

Buy Now: Save £30 on Amazon Echo – now £120

Buy Now: Save £10 on Amazon Echo Dot – now £39

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