Deal: Here’s one iPhone X deal for you that won’t break the bank

It might seem like you need to take out a second mortgage to get a contract on the flashy new iPhone X – and actually, in most cases you’re probably right. But here’s one iPhone X deal we’ve spotted that might just fit very neatly inside your budget.

It’s a cracking 26GB data deal with Vodafone, which is an outrageously indulgent data allowance that’ll give you many a precious hour glued to that luxurious edge-to-edge screen.

Available to pre-order via the online retailer, the deal costs £56 per month with an upfront cost of £175, and includes unlimited minutes and texts. It’s the snazzy silver iPhone X, too.

Ok, that’s not exactly cheap. But it’s not the wallet cruncher that some other iPhone X deals are at the moment, either.  One iPhone X contract on O2, for instance, offers just 10GB of data for the same monthly costs and only £25 less upfront, which seems ridiculous in comparison. is expecting iPhone X stock on November 10, which is a little later than the phone’s general release date of November 4. However, we think this is one iPhone X deal that’s definitely worth waiting for.

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Otherwise, we recommend heading straight to to snap up this iPhone X deal fast if you’re hunting for the ultimate iPhone X bargain. We’re pretty sure it will be in high demand, and there might not be many more opportunities to bag such an outrageously good deal when the iPhone X’s reign is in full swing.

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