Darksiders 3: Everything we know

Darksiders 3 is real, and it’s coming our way in 2018 from THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games. With the recently released Darksiders: Warmastered on PS4, Xbox One, PC and even Wii U, it was only a matter of time until the third entry in this cult series emerged.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Darksiders 3 including all the latest news, gameplay, release date info, trailers and more.

darksiders 3

What is Darksiders 3?

Darksiders 3 will see us play as an all new protagonist known as Fury. A talented mage amongst the post-apocalyptic ruins of Earth, she must use her trusted whip and magic abilities to restore the balance between good and evil. So, there will likely be a diverse mixture of demonic and angelic enemies to contend with.

Just like previous games, players will have a open-ended world to explore filled with dungeons, secrets and unique nuggets of lore to discover. According to the leaked listing, Fury can move between a range of different environments to “uncover secrets while advancing the story.”

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darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 release date – when is it coming out?

Darksiders 3 is set to launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018. A solid release date remains a mystery, although we might hear more later this year.

Darksiders 3 story – What’s it about?

Little is known about the narrative of Darksiders 3 thus far. However, we can make a few assumptions based on the information we have. Fury will have to do battle with the Seven Deadly Sins and their degenerate servants, so it’s safe to assume they’ll be our primary antagonists this time around.

It’s possible we’ll see environments themed around each sin with new enemies and puzzles to overcome. Fury’s origins and motivations are a still a mystery, but she certainly looks interesting.

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darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 gameplay – how does it play?

As we mentioned earlier, Fury’s arsenal will consist of a mythical whip and several magic abilities for navigating the world and wiping out baddies. She’ll also have access to various different forms with special weapons, moves and traversal abilities. Once again, these will probably tie into specific dungeons for puzzle solving. We imagine each power set will have its own upgrade tree, with players picking the avenue they’d like to take throughout each playthrough.

The signature, cel-shaded visuals from past Darksiders games remains intact. In fact, it’ll probably look even better than before on improved hardware. Darksiders 3 will take us from the glorious heights of heaven to the deepest depths of hell. Earth will also be ripe for exploration. Overrun with decades of war and decay, it’s nothing like we remember from the first Darksiders.

Darksiders 3 trailer – how does it look?

IGN First also has the world exclusive gameplay reveal:

We’ve got a new chunk of gameplay featuring plenty of combat to feast our eyes on. Check it out below:

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