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Dark Souls 3 sure looks gorgeous in these new screenshots



Bandai Namco has released a bunch of new screenshots for Dark Souls 3 showcasing new weapons, armour and enemies.

From Software’s Dark Souls 3 is probably my most anticipated game of the year, so I’m drooling at the sight of every new detail spoon-fed to us towards its release.

A number of new screenshots released by Bandai Namco give us an interesting glimpse into the world of the latest Souls game, and what we should expect from its twisted setting.

Dark Souls 3 will feature all new enemies, weapons and environments to discover, all of which are bound to test your will and resolve.

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The visual design of Dark Souls 3 clearly takes inspiration from Bloodborne, favouring a series of dark, hopeless environments punctuated by gruesomely terrifying enemies.

One of the screenshots reveals a new boss known as the Ludux Gundyr. The huge knight wields a long, spear-like weapon imbued with mysterious dark magic.

Players will encounter this new boss after being revived as the ‘unkindled,” a state similar to the undead and hollow conditions seen in previous games.

The game will start in an arena known as ‘Firelink Shrine,” which will immediately be familiar to fans of the series.

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Firelink Shrine will act as the starting area in Dark Souls 3, where players can level up and hide away from the horrors that await them.

Last week, it was announced that Dark Souls will be getting its own comic book series, set to launch in anticipation of Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3 will launch on April 12 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Matthew Bunton

January 30, 2016, 4:27 pm

I like the art design of the Souls game but the graphics are just terrible in this series and very off putting. Even the PC ports haven't faired much better. I'm hoping this one improves things but from what I have seen so far I doubt it.

Before anyone starts I know it is ultimately about the gameplay but it is 2016 and there is no excuse for PC games not to support hi resolution textures and 4k.

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