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Crackdown 3: news, release date, trailers, gameplay and more


Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3: All the latest news

Crackdown 3 is a huge Xbox One exclusive, but one that has been worryingly quiet for a while. Ever since the console launched in 2013 we’ve awaited another adventure in the cel-shaded metropolis of destruction. Microsoft first revealed the third entry at E3 2014, but have seen little since, leaving fans awaiting any slither of news since we last saw the game in 2015.

With Xbox One S on store shelves and the impending launch of Xbox Scorpio and further details to come at E3 2017, the unique visual style is bound to look better than ever, too.

Crackdown 3 at a glance

Crackdown 3 release date: TBC 2017

Platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10

Developer: Reagent Games

Publisher: Microsoft

What's new? News is "on the horizon"

2017 has to be the year we see Crackdown 3, so Trusted Reviews has compiled all the latest trailers, news and gameplay you need. Be sure to bookmark this page for future updates!

What is Crackdown 3?

Developed by UK studio Reagent Games, Crackdown 3 is the third installment in the popular open world series. As was the case in previous games, you play as a secret agent with super strength, speed, agility and a range of other incredible powers. You also have ludicrous proficiency when it comes to firearms and vehicles, meaning every agent is fully prepared for any situation.

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Crackdown 3 release date – when is it coming out?

Crackdown 3 is currently set to launch in 2017, with Microsoft yet to confirm an official release date. We expect more news to come at E3 2017.

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Rumours are awash that Microsoft is holding it back as part of the Scorpio launch line-up, with the destructive open world to act as a perfect showcase for the hardware.

Crackdown 3 gameplay – How does it play?

Reagent Games has confirmed that Crackdown 3 will retain the ambitious open world structure of previous games while simultaneously amping up the levels of destruction previously capable on Xbox 360. Every agent will be free to roam the streets by foot, car or possibly air depending on the mode of transport they come across. The potential for mayhem is endless, and will only increase as you stumble upon more powerful weapons and upgrades.

Crackdown 3 is described as "a new iteration of the groundbreaking open-world action series that features a whole new campaign — fully playable in co-op — and uses Xbox Live to power a city that isn’t just an exciting place to play, but is a part of your destructive arsenal." Seamless online co-operative play is a staple of open world games nowadays, so it’s great to see Crackdown 3 keeping up with the trends. Microsoft has said that much of Crackdown 3 is capable thanks to the power of Xbox Live and The Cloud, which is something we’ll believe once we see it.

Crackdown 3 trailers – How does it look?

Microsoft has only showcased Crackdown 3 a handful of times since its initial reveal at E3 2014. We’ve gone ahead and compiled all the best trailers below:

E3 2014 reveal trailer:

The gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2015 consists of pre-alpha footage, but still manages to provide an exciting glimpse at Crackdown 3’s destructive potential:

Crackdown 3 wishlist – What we’d like to see


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Crackdown 2 was pretty disappointing, using the original game as an uninspired blueprint for a bland open-world that focused far too heavily on boring mutant enemies instead of mentally insane crime lords. It felt like a stripped back affair lacking in visual flair and personality. We want Crackdown 3 to be a faithful return to form for the franchise, focusing on an utterly bonkers criminal underworld and unparalleled carnage instead of a cliched zombie virus.

Airborne vehicles

Realtime Worlds’ previous efforts were absolutely bursting with ludicrously fast vehicles for us to commandeer, but none of them took to the skies to rain over Pacific City. The thought of diving into the cockpit of a military jet before raining hellfire upon a crime lord’s hideout sounds completely mental, perfectly encapsulating everything we love about Crackdown. Using a helicopter to explore the streets and rooftops of Pacific City from above would also be a treat, strategically planning your path of annihilation before wreaking all sorts of havoc.

Improved customization

Kitting out your agent with new guns, vehicles and skills was an explosive treat in past games, even if at times the limits to which you could distinguish yourself from the crowd felt somewhat restricted. There was no way to make any major changes to your avatar beyond a few generic presets, all of which lacked any kind of meaningful personality. Crackdown 3 should start off with us creating our very own unstoppable agent, complete with a unique outfit, facial features and skills depending of what kind of gameplay style suites you. Donning silly outfits would be perfect way to make your mark in online co-op as well.

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crackdown 3

Skill tree upgrade system

We’re not gonna lie, endlessly leaping about buildings in Crackdown collecting agility orbs was an addictively fun exercise. Spending hours upon hours climbing the tallest structures Pacific City had to offer merely to net a few upgrade points kept up entertained for a long time. Unfortunately, it sorely lacked the tactical depth of its contemporaries.

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Crackdown 3 should incorporate a layered upgrade system allowing the procurement of multiple different skillsets. The potential for replay value is huge if an upgrade system gave players the chance to equip different weapons and drive different vehicles. Chasing a particular path should result in special rewards, perfect for splicing together in a spontaneous online session. We’d love to team up with a friend only to witness a foray of destructive abilities we’ve yet to discover, giving us ample reason to dive back into Pacific City for another go.

What would you like to see from Crackdown 3? Let us know in the comments below.


February 20, 2017, 5:27 pm

Microsoft need to get this game out, the cloud aided citywide destruction in the multiplayer sounds incredible, I think they have the equivalent of 15 Xbox Ones in the cloud crunching the numbers for multiplayer, if it works it could be amazing.


March 13, 2017, 7:08 am

I agree but the Amount of Computing Power it will put on cloud, is Large. I think they are doing Tests first before releasing it.


April 7, 2017, 1:50 pm

I wonder who is supposed to pay for the costs. I mean running their cloud hardware does not come for free. And offloading physics stuff like that will be a lot more taxing than running a game server for a number of players, because it will really use a lot CPU and/or GPU. But people pay only once for a game like Crackdown, and then potentially play it for years, using cloud resources without paying for it (the XBL Gold subscription was calculated without that in mind, so I would dare say it doesn't cover theses costs). I just wonder how MS's CEO Satya Nadella will look at all this, from a business perspective.

Random Internet User

April 12, 2017, 5:43 pm

This game is never coming out. It is a sequel that is similar to a sequel from Valve.

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