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Cortana for Android will sync phone alerts to Windows 10 PCs



Microsoft may be planning a future version of the Cortana personal assistant for Android that will deliver all phone notifications to a Windows 10 PC.

The incoming update, announced at the end of Day 2 of Microsoft’s Build conference, will enable PC users to read, act upon and dismiss alerts from their Google-powered smartphones.

The Verge reports (via 9to5Google) that once granted permission, the Cortana Android app will send all of the notifications to the cloud before delivering them to the Windows 10 desktop.

Users will, for example, be able to see missed calls and even dismiss incoming notifications if they're unprepared to deal with them or willing interrupt their flow by picking up the phone.

It appears the feature will work a little like the iCloud features on Mac OS X that allow iPhone calls to be taken on an MacBook or iMac.

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Speaking of the iPhone, Microsoft says there are no plans to offer such support for the iPhone version of Cortana.

However, Windows 10 Mobile devices, which are already somewhat of an endangered species, will also have access to the functionality.

All-in-all it seems like a pretty smart move from Microsoft as it seeks to build out the appeal of Windows 10 in the mobile focused landscape.

Improving the ability to only ever focus on one device at a time - the Windows 10 one - should help matters.

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On the flip side, its unlikely many Android users are going to want that many notifications when trying to work, so it’ll be all about striking the balance between which apps Android users will allow Cortana to access.

The feature is coming to forthcoming version of Windows, which is more than likely the Anniversary Update, which is on deck for summer 2016.


April 2, 2016, 7:19 am

TrustedReviews, don't you read these articles before you post them?

The very first word is misspelt "Cortona".


April 2, 2016, 9:57 am

Yeah, I clicked on the headline thinking it would be about some "name-alike" app that does Cortana stuff on Android, incoming lawsuit from MS etc, only to discover the simple truth that it is just another quality typo from TR.


June 6, 2016, 3:52 pm

I come here for the witty discussion section. Here the intelligent readers discus the content and premise of the articles, and don't pick it apart for grammatical error. Though an editor reading the articles and correcting them would be a hoot.

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