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Cortana headed for Windows 9



Microsoft's next major desktop OS revamp, Windows 9, will almost certainly include the company's Cortana personal digital assistant, it's been revealed.

Currently, Cortana can be found in Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft's latest mobile OS. But the voice-activated assistant is set to make its way across to the desktop when Windows 9 ships in spring 2015.

Windows enthusiast website Neowin spotted signs of Cortana in Windows Threshold - the early test version of Windows 9 - some time ago, but it recently reported that the feature has finally "graduated."

This means that Cortana for Windows 9 is no longer a light, experimental feature that could just as easily be dropped in the final reckoning. Rather, Microsoft is now said to be pushing ahead with attempting to ship the feature in the final Windows 9 build.

The Verge, meanwhile, goes a little further on this and claims that Cortana on Windows 9 is a "major area of investment" for Microsoft.

It's still early days for the Cortana personal assistant on your desktop, however. At present, it's nowhere near as well integrated as it is on Windows Phone 8.1. In fact, it's said to be a rather simple app, which opens in a small window and allows you to type or ask a question verbally.

Cortana functionality is expected to be baked into the final Windows 9 OS, however. Microsoft has already revealed that it is updating the digital assistant every two weeks at the moment, so this Windows 9 implementation should develop at pace.

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PC MouseGolf

August 13, 2014, 4:31 pm

Regardless of the "bells and whistles" Windows speculators predict, the reality of keeping the classic UI and navigation methods in Windows for desktop and laptop keyboard/mouse users is K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). Going forward with PDA's and fancy touch screens is super for those who love their smart-phones. Production, customization and troubleshooting Windows OSes should not deviate from what we all loved and appreciated in Windows XP SP3. Windows 7 carries all the familiarity and customizable features of it's predecessors.

Professionals and consumers will forever balk at tiles on their screens and the lack of the hallmark Start Button/Start Menu/All programs on the left side of their Taskbars.
Microsoft knows the grand failure ahead of them if they make the same thoughtless mistake with Windows 8/8.1.

I know firsthand. I connect to a lot of computers every month and hear my clients' comments about how much they are disgusted with W8/8.1. I have shopped with dozens of people online to help them find a Windows 7 64 Bit Home or Pro computer.

The QLA is leaps and bounds ahead of pinning programs to the Taskbar. Don't get me wrong, pinning is a handy feature but the Quick Launch Area which will forever exist in Windows (but hidden) allows one to make shortcuts directly to a file, not just a program or web page.

PC Golfer: www.mousegolf.com

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