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CoPilot Live Premium Launches On Android - iOS Coming Soon

David Gilbert


CoPilot Live Premium

ALK Technologies has launched the latest version of its mobile navigation software, CoPilot Live Premium, and Android users should sign up immediately to take advantage of a launch-week special offer.

Some current users of CoPilot Live 8 could be a little put out that there will be no upgrade option for them to get CoPilot Live Premium for a reduced rate. To make up for this however, ALK has made the Android version of the app available for a special introductory price for the first week. For the next seven days the app will cost £14.99 for the UK and Ireland maps and £29.99 for European maps. The prices will rocket to £29.99 and £59.99 after that respectively, so if you’re planning on getting the app then now is the time. The new app will be available for Android devices with iPhone and iPad versions submitted to Apple and awaiting clearance for the App Store.

CoPilot Live Premium

Based on ALK’s CoPilot 9 navigation platform, CoPilot Live Premium has some new features including Personal Routes, which gives you three alternative route options displaying journey time and mileage for each. Fine-tuning can be done by simply drag the route to the preferred street you wish to take or destination to navigate to. For the more absent-minded user, you will also be able to save the exact location of your car to find later. You will now also be able to copy-and-paste a destination straight into the address entry screen and you’ll have the ability to head straight to a geo-tagged photo taken with your phone.

CoPilot Live Premium

“With CoPilot Live Premium we’ve created a unique navigation experience, combining innovative and exciting features such as drag routing and ActiveTraffic, with a social dimension that makes it easy to share your journeys with your friends,” said Michael Kornhauser, Managing Director CoPilot Business Unit, ALK Technologies. “We can now empower drivers with the ability to choose or create their ideal route to any destination.” A subscription to ActiveTraffic from ALK will set you back £9.99-a-year.


June 27, 2011, 11:00 pm

Crikey, they actually got someone who knows what they're doing to design the interface. CoPilot always had that amateurish feel, but now it's more like a dedicated satnav. Bought it, tried it, loving it.

Shame it'll cost more than CoPilot 8 once the introductory offer dies.


June 30, 2011, 8:28 pm

Thanks Chris! Glad you like it!

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