Code Vein release date, gameplay, trailers, story info and everything we know

Everything you need to know about Code Vein, including all the details on release date, gameplay news, trailers and much more.

From Software’s iconic Dark Souls series has inspired other similar titles since its launch. Lords of The Fallen, The Surge, Salt and Sanctuary. All of these are great games in their own right, yet none of them quite live up to the original idea.

Bandai Namco’s Code Vein is the latest, a Soulsborne-inspired romp set in a post-apocalyptic anime world. With the Dark Souls series finished, at least for now, this could be the next best thing.

What is Code Vein?

Code Vein is a third-person action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a cataclysmic event. Developed by the minds behind the God Eater series, it will combine challenging combat with a massively interconnected world for players to explore. In Code Vein you play as beings known as Revenants. These are vampire-like people who must feast on blood to power special abilities known as gifts.

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code vein

Code Vein release date – when is it coming out?

Bandai Namco has Code Vein slated for a 2018 release across PS4, Xbox One and PC. By the time 2018 comes around, the Xbox One X will also be available, so we’d also hope for a release on that console.

Code Vein gameplay – how does it play?

Code Vein has you playing as a vampiric revenant tasked with defeating demonic creatures scattered across a ruined world. You aren’t alone, though. Using a companion system you can recruit an ally to fight with and travel alongside you. By having a cheeky drink of blood you gain access to a range of supernatural powers.

Known as gifts, these can be customised and upgraded depending on your preferred playstyle. Judging by the trailer, they can also have an impact on your appearance, too. How heavy the customization extends remains to be seen, as it seems voice acting will play a heavy role in Code Vein’s bleak narrative.

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code vein

The debut trailer only provides us with a few brief moments of what appears to be actual gameplay. As expected, it looks as if Dark Souls and Bloodborne have been thrown into a wardrobe full of anime tropes. The melodic combination of attack and defense is paramount to your success, with players requiring a keen sense of patience to take down enemies. Dynamic exploration is also encouraged, with many areas in Code Vein covered in ice, flames and urban decay from whatever event brought everything to ruin.

Code Vein Characters – Who are they?

Bandai Namco has released further details regarding the cast of characters in Code Vein:

Mia Karnstein – A wandering female Revenant is wandering in the land called “Vein”. She is accompanied by her younger brother (only family member she has left) whom she will do anything to protect. Her weapon of choice is a bayonet-styled weapon that can be used to attack at a distance.

Yakumo Shinonome – A Revenant and former mercenary, Yakumo is a faithful man who is good at taking care of others. He is loved by others and conducts himself in a cool and professional manner during combat.

Louis – A young leader helping Revenants suffering from bloodlust. He ventures into the isolated land of VEIN looking for the source of Blood Beads to use as a substitute for human blood. With his one-handed sword, he is a swift attack expert and can elude with the armour type Ogre.

Io – A female Revenant who explores with the protagonists. She has no memory of her past but knows VEIN very well. She will be extremely useful for the player!

Code Vein trailer – how does it look?

The debut trailer for Code Vein is below. It provides a tasty glimpse at the setting, story, and few brief snippets of gameplay.

TGS 2017 provided us with yet another look at the bloody adventure:

Code Vein looks like the Dark Souls/God Eater crossover we never knew we wanted. Count us in.