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CleverPet is a games console for your dog

Sam Loveridge



If you ever wanted a games console specifically for dogs, there now is one in the form of CleverPet.

Anyone who has a dog or knows anything about them will know that they love to play. So what better way to keep them entertained while you're away or busy doing something else than with their very own games console.

Now, we're not talking analogue sticks, shoulder bumpers or face buttons; dogs don't have opposable thumbs after all.

But, CleverPet is essentially a interactive treat dispenser, with your canine buddy having to hit light-up panels in order to release the tasty snack within.

"A dog with a job is a happy dog," explained Graham Bloem, Head Trainer. "So when I was first introduced to CleverPet, I learned there was something for these problems: keeping our dogs engaged and busy while we're not at home."

CleverPet features several games such as "Catch the Squirrel", which is a light chasing game that asks your pooch to put a paw on the flashing light in time with the movements.

Or there's "Pattern Plan", which supposedly challenges them to learn increasingly complicated patterns.

Another game is "Word Learn", where you can record your voice saying "left" and your dog will have to press the left pad – just for example.

There's also an accompanying app that lets you view live updates, schedule when CleverPet turns on or off and track how many treats your dog is gobbling up.

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CleverPet originally debuted on Kickstarter back in 2014 and successfully raised $180,000 (£122,000), which was $80,000 (£54,000) more than its goal.

The interactive dog toy now has more than 1,000 happy Kickstarter customers, and can be publicly pre-ordered via the CleverPet website.

The CleverPet Hub will retail for $299 (£200) but there's a CES 2016 discount currently running if you're interested.

The company plans to ship the first units within the next couple of months.

Erick Eidus

January 6, 2016, 8:39 pm

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December 20, 2016, 4:40 am

NOT SAFE FOR DOGS. The treat door closed on my dogs paw, trapping it, and she had to lift the 10 pound machine up in the air, screaming to get off

Leo Trottier

December 23, 2016, 10:31 pm

Hi Jay! It's Leo, CleverPet's co-founder and CEO. We've already corresponded on this, but I wanted to reply here publicly.

I'm glad to hear that your dog seems to be totally ok, and that there's no sign they were in any way hurt. It sounds like it the paw was stuck momentarily and was quickly freed.

Safety was our #1 top priority when we designed the Hub, which is why it has a dome shape with no easy-to-bite shapes, why it's low to the ground, and why it's basically indestructible.

As for the presentation mechanism itself, we made it triply redundant. When it senses an opposing force it reverses and goes in the opposite direction. The device is coupled in a way that will slip under high force. And the motor itself was designed to only be strong enough to close and open the tray.

We take safety extremely seriously. We use the Hub with all of our own pets and would not do this if we thought it in any way dangerous. But we welcome this kind of feedback as we are committed to ensuring the device is as safe as it can be.

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