This stonkingly cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deal should cure your January blues

New year, new phone! Here’s the perfect Samsung Galaxy S8 deal to start 2018 with a bang – perfect if you’re languishing in a post-Crimbo funk and in dire need of a techie pick-me-up.

It’s a 4GB data deal with Vodafone, which provides the average phone user with more than enough 4G data to burn through in a month of casual phone use.

On sale at, the deal costs £125 upfront with monthly payments of just £23. That might seem like a big sum of cash to part with upfront, but it’s the reason the monthly payments are so generously low. You’d struggle to find a better value deal elsewhere that’s this gentle on your monthly budget.

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Make sure you our exclusive voucher code TRUSTED10 at the checkout to get this bargain payment plan with £10 off the upfront cost.

That’s the deal, but what about the Samsung Galaxy S8? If you’ve landed here with no prior knowledge of Sammy’s 2017 flagship and it’s luscious features, you can read our full Samsung Galaxy S8 review to get the lowdown.

The quick version is that it’s a fast and futuristic phone packed with stunning features that make it a dream to use, including a stunning HD Infinity display, Dual Pixel sensor camera and speedy processor. It’s still one of – if not the best phone we reviewed last year, and it’s entirely deserving of the full five-star rating we gave it.

If you’re on the ultimate bargain hunt for the perfect phone to carry you through 2018 and beyond, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fine choice. Be sure you head to to pick up this once in a lifetime deal ASAP before it no doubt flies off the shelves.

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Or, if you’re looking for more data to fuel your internet habits, check out our best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals article for plenty more options in January 2018.

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