Black Friday Graphics Card Deals: Massive discounts on AMD and Nvidia gaming gear

Looking for a new GPU for your gaming rig for Black Friday? You’re in the right place. Here you’ll find hand-selected deals from reputable retailers, and our experts have added their two cents to explain why each listing is a good deal.

Before you continue, consider taking a look at our Best Graphics Card guide to understand what it is you should be buying.

Note: GPU prices are volatile and go in and out of stock very quickly. Prices correct on November 23 2017.

Editor’s Choice deal: GTX 1060 for under £170

This is the mother of all GPU deals on at the moment, and it’s for Nvidia’ GTX 1060 GPU that’s perfect for Full HD gaming at High settings. £170 on Amazon is the lowest price we’ve ever seen. No wonder it’s Amazon’s best-seller.

BUY NOW: GTX 1060 from Amazon for £170

Cheapest graphics card deals: eSports and Full HD gaming

If you’re looking for a GPU to primary play eSports, you typically won’t have to spend more than £100 if you want to play at decent frame rates at Full HD. Here’s a set of deals we reckon cut the mustard.

Sapphire Radeon RX 550: £81 down from £100 from, saving £20.

The RX 550 is one of the cheapest current-generation graphics cards you can buy for gaming. It won’t grant you a huge amount of power but it’ll happily chug along in eSports games such as DOTA 2 at a solid 70fps at Full HD resolution.

This particular deal is one of the better offers we could find for this bargain GPU.

Asus Radeon RX 560: £99 from

The RX 560 is a step up from the 550 mentioned above, handling eSports titles at over 100fps.

Graphics cards under £200

EVGA GTX 1050 SuperClocked: £117 down from £140 on

The GTX 1050 is another excellent eSports graphics card, and will put in even better performances than the RSX 560 (above).

This SuperClocked model from EVGA is one of the cheapest around, and it comes with a handy little performance boost.

Palit GTX 1050 Ti. £136 from

The GTX 1050 Ti can play the latest AAA games at Full HD with settings dialled down to Medium or High at a stretch, and it’s mighty when playing eSports games.

This Palit model is the cheapest we could find this time around, and it’s a very handy price.



Graphics card under £400

At this price range, things start to get a bit difficult. The price of mid-range GPUs that used to cost around £200 have sky-rocketed as high as £400 in recent months. This part of the market is highly volatile, so finding a good deal is hard.

Zotac GTX 1070 Mini: £373 from, down from £465, saving £98

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is our pick for 1440p gaming and VR.

This GTX 1070 Mini from Zotac is the cheapest on Amazon, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

EVGA GTX 1070 FTW: £403 from, down from £499, saving £96

Larger than the Zotac, but this decent little deal comes with a modest overclock for a bit of extra performance.

Palit GTX 1070 Ti: £410 from Overclockers UK

The 1070 Ti is Nvidia’s latest GPU. It’s our new top choice for 1440p gaming if you can afford the slight premium over the GTX 1070. It also gets very close to the GTX 1080 in terms of performance.

Because GTX 1070 Ti cards can’t be overclocked by manufacturers, there’s actually very little difference between models aside from design and warranty. Performance should be very similar. We’ve picked the cheapest we could find, which happens to be this Palit model.

High-end graphics card deals

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 WindForce: £480 from

The GTX 1080 is a capable 4K and VR gaming GPU, and for a limited time they’re all being sold with a free copy of Destiny 2 on PC.

This Gigabyte model is enormous but comes with a tasty little overclock for improved gaming performance, and it’s now been reduced even further in price.

Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP: £675 from  Ebuyer

The GTX 1080 Ti is the ultimate consumer graphics card, handling 4K with absolute ease. Like the GTX 1080, it comes with a free copy of Destiny 2.

This is a great deal for Black Friday from Ebuyer. This is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for the GTX 1080 Ti.

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