Is this £69 Apple Watch deal too good to be true?

It sounds like a great idea in essence. Vitality Insurance offers its UK customers an Apple Watch Series 2 for just £69 with no further payments necessary if members held up their end by racking up activity points.

However, some customers are now claiming the companion app is not properly syncing activity to the company’s servers, leading to them falling below the mandated 160 Vitality Points, according to a report by the BBC.

A charge of up to £12.50 a month is levvied for every cycle in which a user fall shorts under the terms of the deal.

“It defeats the object,” Anna Holt, an affected user, told the Beeb. “There seem to be a lot of others complaining about it online.”

The Vitality app only has a 1.5 star average on the App Store with a recent review describing it as “genuinely the worst app on my phone.”

The insurance firm told AppleInsider that only a “very small number” of customers were affected by the problem.

A spokesperson for Vitality said users could send screenshots to prove they’re hitting the required heights to stave off charges.

“We are currently experiencing record numbers of members tracking their health and getting Vitality points for activity, with the Apple Watch benefit proving to be a very popular addition to the Vitality programme. A very small number of customers experienced an issue with a recent version of the Vitality app, which has since been fixed.

“Those members who were affected are being advised to send us screenshots of their activity so we can add their Vitality points to their account and ensure they receive the discount they’ve earned.”

The offer is still open for Vitality members.

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