4K TV Deals: The best cheap Ultra HD TVs on Amazon Prime Day

Best Cheap 4K TV Deals: A guide to today’s best cheap 4K HDR TVs, with all the best offers and discounts.

If you’re looking to get in on the 4K TV action, there’s loads of swanky UHD sets currently on offer – and a fair few Full HD and even 720p ones, if that’s what you’re after.

4K TV Deals: Editor’s pick for August 2017

First up, we’ve got a huge saving on a premium set over at Currys. The LG OLED55B7V 55-inch set has been given a whopping £1,000 discount and is currently available for £1999. Yes, that’s still a hefty sum to drop on a TV, but it’s a lot better than the original 2999 asking price.

And there’s no doubt you’ll be getting a great set here. When we reviewed the TV we loved the vibrant yet accurate colours and unrivalled black levels. That’s mostly down to the OLED panel used in the set, which uses individual LEDs which produce their own light to create the best possible contrast, brightest colours, and deepest blacks.

Buy now: LG 55-inch OLED 4K smart TV now just £1999 – save £1000

If you’re looking for something even more impressive, there’s also a hefty discount to be had on this LG OLED set, which comes in 65-inch form. The LG OLED55C7V is a standout set which delivers the same unprecedented blacks and vibrant colours thanks to its OLED panel. We particularly liked the wide viewing angles and infinite contrast, possible thanks to true blacks. Right now you can get £1500 off the RRP over at Currys, knocking the price down to £2999.

Buy now: LG 65-inch OLED 4K smart TV now just £2999 – save £1500

Best 4K TV Deals – LG

LG’s UJ630V series – an all-new line for 2017 – is available on the cheap, meaning you’re getting the respected South Korean manufacturer’s latest and greatest TV tech at an affordable price.

The 55-inch and 49-inch are both on sale, and although LG’s OLEDs are most coveted, they’ll cost you thousands (see above). But for most people after an affordable upgrade, these are fine deals indeed. Read our guide to LG’s new 2017 TVs to find out more, or…

Grab the one that best suits your home and needs via the quick links below!

Best 4K TV Deals – Sony

If your TV maker of choice is Sony, one of its latest Bravia sets is also enjoying heavy reductions.

The Japanese firm’s KD-XE70 65-inch is available for just £1399 over at Amazon, saving you a decent £101. You can read our guide to Sony’s 2017 Bravia line-up to learn more, or follow the quick links below to bag a bargain.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned, as we’ll update this page as soon as we spot any more great 4K TV deals.

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