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Chat app Viber arrives on Windows Phone and BlackBerry


Viber is coming to Windows Phone and BlackBerry
Viber for Windows Phone

Viber, the chat app that's taking on the likes of Skype, What's App and a number of other cross-platform communication apps with its free calling, texting and photo sharing, has doubled the number of platforms it supports.

Already available for iOS and Android, Viber is now coming to both BlackBerry and Windows Phone, though only in beta form as yet.

Viber for Android

Viber for Android

Used by over 70 million people, the app lets you chat across different phone platforms, exchanging text messages, photos and calls all for free. At least that's how it work on iOS and Android, as calls aren't yet enabled on these two new versions. Viber has not confirmed how long it will be before this functionality arrives, either.

“We believe if you’re connected to the Internet, you should be able to enjoy a free, high-quality communications experience, and Viber is working to make it possible for users of all mobile products to communicate with each other.” said Talmon Marco, Viber Founder and CEO.

We reviewed the Android version of the app last year and found it to be a useful and easy to use and the addition of more platforms with which to communicate only makes it more useful.

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May 13, 2012, 2:48 pm


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