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CES 2012 Preview - Cameras And Windows 8


CES is not usually a hot spot for major announcements in the world of digital cameras. All major camera manufacturers tend to favour the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show to unveil new kit. Which makes CES 2012 all the more exciting as it is also hosting the PMA trade show this year.

Canon is getting ready to unveil the follow up to the hugely successful EOS 5D Mark II and early 2012 is being pegged as the likely date for an announcement. Whether the new camera, which is likely to sit between Canon's high-end enthusiast and professional level models, will be called the Mark III or 6D is unknown. Of course Canon is the one major manufacturer without a compact system camera and could we be set to see one at CES?

Nikon has told us that they will be announcing something big at CES and an update to the D700 SLR the most likely to get an upgrade, with details of the D800 leaking slowly in recent months.

Nikon D800

Sony could also be set to announce the first full-frame digital camera to feature a fixed translucent mirror which would enable full-time phase detection autofocus in live view mode and super-fast continuous shooting rates – oh and it would also be the first full-frame SLR to have an EVF. The camera is like to replace the Alpha 900 and be called the 950.

Fujifilm has taken all the excitement out of its press conference by launching 17 new camera models ahead of the show but it could be saving something special for CES itself and reports are circulating that a new mirrorless camera based on its own proprietary technology could be on the cards.

Windows 8

With Microsoft and Steve Ballmer giving its final keynote address for the foreseeable future at CES this year, we expect it to be a big one. Windows 8 will obviously be top of the agenda but some more dancing from Ballmer himself would not go amiss.

Windows 8

We expect to see Windows 8 running on a huge array of devices from laptops and desktop to tablets and Ultrabooks. Of course it will also be running on both Intel’s x86 architecture and ARM-based chips and it will be interesting to see how it works on the different devices.

Intel will also be showing off its Ivy Bridge processors, the die-shrink successor to Sandy Bridge which launched at last year’s CES. We expect to see many Ultrabooks using this new platform, which could see the new laptop category come into its own.

Intel should also be giving us a glimpse at its reference smartphone (below) and tablets using the mobile Medfield chips and we could even be seeing some devices from OEMs using Medfield – which would be pretty exciting.

Intel Medfield Reference Smartphone

And while Intel is moving towards the mobile space, ARM is moving in the other direction and we could be seeing new laptops running ARM-based chips from the likes of Qualcomm and Texas Instruments – and of course there’s always Project Denver from Nvidia which is yet to make an appearance.

The saying goes that whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we are here to ensure that doesn't happen when we're talking about CES 2012 and we will be bringing you coverage of everything that happens in Vegas - as it happens. So make sure you check in from next Sunday as the futrue of technology is revealed.



January 6, 2012, 2:07 pm

"Could we be seeing the first quad-core smartphone at CES?" AFAIK, the PadPhone will have Tegra 3 SoC, so this might be it.

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