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Canon Announces Pixma Pro-1 A3+ Printer

David Gilbert


Canon Pixma Pro-1

Canon has announced its latest flagship A3 printer, the Pixma Pro-1, which is the world’s first A3 printer to offer 12 separate inks.

The new flagship printer in the Pixma range offers some rather impressive numbers. As well as being the first A3 printer to offer 12 separate inks, it supports a 1200ppi input resolution, is capable of producing images with a resolution of up to 4800 x 2400 dpi and has a print head with 12,288 nozzles to help reproduce such accurate images.

The 1200ppi input resolution is double that of previous generation Pixma printers and a new Optimum Image Generating (OIG) system is used to analyse the photo colour and then calculate exactly what combination of inks is needed.

For those looking to produce black and white images, the new Chroma Optimizer claims to help increase black density and make glossiness more uniform. The 12-ink setup features five monochrome inks whih promise to produce “professional quality black and white prints with excellent detail in shadow and highlight areas, as well as smooth tonal gradation and suppressed graininess.”

Canon Pixma Pro-1

The Pixma Pro-1 comes with Easy-PhotoPrint Pro plug-in software which simplifies printer settings and allows batch printing, and support has now also been expanded to the full Adobe Photoshop family as well as to the Canon Digital Photo Professional software package.

The Pixma Pro-1 claims to be able to produce a gallery-quality A3 photo in approximately 2 minutes 55 seconds, while insisting that the high-capacity tanks should ensure long periods between replacements.

The printer is clearly aimed at photography professionals and not a model most users will be sitting next to their desktop PC to print out the odd holiday snap. As such it will be priced at £799 when it goes on sale here next month. For a more pocket-firendly A3 printer, then the Canon Pixma ix6550 for £160 might be a better bet.

Source: Canon

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