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Can Steve Ballmer make Twitter fun again?



Twitter might be going through a tough time, with leadership shake-ups, lay-offs and a stagnation of user growth, but that hasn’t stopped former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer throwing some of his billions at the social network.

Ballmer, who retains a huge stake in Microsoft and also owns the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, has purchased a 4 per cent share in Twitter.

In a tweet send out in the early hours of Friday morning, Ballmer congratulated Twitter for its recent moves and confirmed his recent investment in the company.

Ballmer later confirmed the legitimacy of the tweet in an email to Bloomberg (via Recode)

Whether Steve will have much of an input at Twitter is unlikely, given his role as a non-executive minor shareholder, but the bombastic Ballmer has never been shy of making himself heard.

Twitter is going through a period of change, after seemingly maxing out its potential to attract significant numbers of new users.

The firm has appointed co-founder Jack Dorsey to the CEO position and launched a host of new features that could widen Twitter’s appeal.

Twitter Moments, a new tab on mobile and the web, seeks to keep users up to speed on trending news through media rich panes of content.

Meanwhile, it’s also rumoured the firm will soon ditch its hallowed 140 character limit.

What will Twitter’s newest minority shareholder have to say about that? It should be fun finding out. Twitter needs a little more of this…

Dead Words

October 17, 2015, 12:16 am

Grr Ballmer. I don't have respect for him as a CEO. A businessman, perhaps, but not a businessman that particularly cares about his business or about his products. It's not been long enough to properly assess Nadella's ability as current CEO but so far he's looking far more capable and enjoyable than Ballmer ever was. Not only is he pushing Microsoft in a great new direction, he's a good face for the company. Ballmer was never that.
Also, his "title" of being the highest paid CEO of Microsoft of all time doesn't really improve my opinion of him. He didn't deserve to be paid so much in my opinion. Microsoft had some good products during his time and I suppose he did "save" the Xbox but it's not enough to redeem him. It was simply a bright, innovative company shining through a rather large mountain of general downfall and bad decisions in occasional shiny, delicious moments such as the Surface.


October 17, 2015, 2:33 pm

expect a tweet "developers developers developers..." some time soon... but the sad fact is he has backed some really bad products in the last few years

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