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Burg 5 Watch Releases Your Inner Dick Tracy

David Gilbert


Burg 5 Watch Knight Rider

Ever since seeing Michael Knight summon KITT or seen Dick Tracy communicate by talking into his watch, we’ve wanted to have a watch of our own to talk into – and now that dream is here.

The Burg 5 Watch allows you to slip a SIM card inside and make and receive phone calls to your hearts content - or at least for 60 minutes at a time. The brightly coloured watches are far from sleek-looking but apparently this summer’s “canny fashion followers” will be investing in “statement watches” such as these oversized plastic and silicon timepieces. The Burg 5 Watch comes in a variety of colours including: Royal Blue, Lipstick Red, Jet Black, Baby Pink and Apple White. Around the outside of the dial are buttons numbered one to nine along with a call button and dismiss button. The SIM card slips into the side of the watch and lets you make and receive phone calls.

Burg 5 Watch

The watches have in-built microphones and speakers to allow for phone calls though without any sort of display you will have to be able to recall every phone number you want to dial – which should be good for your memory. Receiving a phone call, the speaker calls out the incoming phone number for you so you have some idea of who is contacting you. A fully charged watch will give you 60 minutes of call time, and a microUSB slot on the side lets you recharge. If you don’t want to be seen talking into your watch while in public – though we can’t imagine why – there is also a hands-free headset which plugs into the microUSB port.

While these timepieces can't stand up technologically to the HP MetaWatch, at least you'll be able to act like Michael Knight - but maybe without the perm. The watch is currently available from the Firebox website for £99.99.

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