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Budget OnePlus One smartphone launched with £229 price tag

Luke Johnson


OnePlus One
OnePlus One

Little known manufacturer OnePlus has entered the smartphone race and looks set to shake things up as the OnePlus One lands with a budget £229 price tag.

A premium handset at a minimalist fee, the 5.5-inch Full HD OnePlus One will be a direct rival to the high profile Google Nexus 5 and Motorola Moto G.

Although the phone has yet to be handed a precise release date, the manufacturer has confirmed that 100 handsets will be made available in the US later this week as part of a “Smash” promotion.

Those desperate to get their mitts on the device can smash up their existing smartphone and splash out a solitary dollar to secure a One.

A UK launch is expected “soon.”

OnePlus One Features

Punching above its weight, the OnePlus One packs a features list which far exceeds the expectations of its price tag.

Powered by a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor – just like the market leading Samsung Galaxy S5 – the OnePlus One adds 3GB of RAM in to the mix to match the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

With a 13-megapixel rear-mounted camera being joined by a 5-megapixel forward-facing snapper the phone’s photographic capabilities are well catered for and, with a 5.5-inch 1080p Full HD display up front, captured images will get a good platform for viewing.

Although the 16GB One will set wannabe owners back £229, the larger capacity 64GB option has been priced at just £269.

While we hope to bring you a full OnePlus One review shortly, we can't help but be impressed by a manufacturer taking such a consumer positive approach to the smartphone space.

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