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Boxee Outs iPlayer And iPad Apps

David Gilbert


Boxee Outs iPlayer And iPad App

At an event in East London, Boxee gave a demonstration of what is new on its platform and what is coming soon.

First up was a demonstration of an updated BBC iPlayer app on the Boxee Box. The BBC iPlayer was previously available to Boxee thanks to a third-part developer, but now it marks the first time that users will able to watch full HD episodes of iPlayer content, thanks to collaboration with the BBC. While this is obviously a great addition to those with the Boxee Box in the corner of their sitting rooms, iPlayer access is hardly a unique feature with a lot of TVs and set top boxes already offering it. More unique however will be access to BlinkBox content which is due to come online before the end of the year.

Boxee Box

Last April Tesco took an 80 percent share in the the UK’s leading video-on-demand service and now it’s coming to Boxee. Offering free and on-demand TV and films, BlinkBox will be only available to UK users and as well as adding the BlinkBox library to the Boxee platform, there will also be a dedicated BlinkBox app. The final reveal of the event was a sneak peek at the new Boxee iPad app which the company is about to submit to the Apple App Store. “The goal was to create something that stood on its own to bring Boxee to the iPad – videos your friends have shared, featured items, your watch later queue, as well as video files from your local network (using the new Boxee Media Server). Of course if you’ve got a Boxee Box as well, you’ll be able to use the iPad app as a way to send stuff to your TV,” said Andrew Kippen from Boxee.

It’s nice to see Boxee adding more functionality to its platform and if the iPad app lives up to promise, the media hub could become a lot more popular.

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