Bose Sleepbuds harness noise cancelling tech to help people sleep

Bose has revealed Sleepbuds, a pair of wireless headphones that put the company’s audio chops and noise constellation tech to help soothe people to sleep.

Normally a brand more associated with delivering punchy sound through its headphones and wireless speakers, Bose has taken a different route with the Sleepbuds, which have been designed to block out background noise while playing soothing sounds to ease the restless into a deep slumber.

The in-ear buds have been designed to fit neatly within the ear so wearers can sleep on their sides in comfort, while a built-in alarm can wake the user without alerting anyone else who may be sharing their bed.

An accompanying app allows for various sounds and songs to be selected to lull the wearer to sleep, but the Sleepbuds can act independently thanks to built-on sounds, making them still perfectly useful if the wearer likes to turn off their smartphone when in bed.

The Sleepbuds will burn through their battery after two full nights of sleep, but they can be easily charged through the use of a bundled travel case, good for people who spend a lot of time travelling between hotels on work trips.

But before you rush out and buy a pair, Bose needs to get on with making them, as despite being a well-established brand, the company sought funding for the Sleepbuds via crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

While it has soundly beaten its goal of $50,000, having nearly reached half a million dollars in funding, Bose will need to take the Sleepbuds out of prototype and produce a retail version, before it can offer a widespread tech lullaby.

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