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Bonusprint Launches Dedicated iPad App

David Gilbert


bonusprint ipad app

Any app that creates something new, out of content you already have on your tablet, is welcome in our book. Apps such as Flipboard make it easier to view the information we want, and now another company wants to make better use of the photos already on our iPads.

Bonusprint has been around since 1979 when it first opened a high-street store for printing photos. It has since relaunched itself as an online portal for printing individual photos as well as allowing you to create photo books. And now the company has unveiled an app for the iPad which will make it easier for you to create and order photo books directly from the tablet.

bonusprint ipad app

The Bonusprint iPad app, which is a free download, takes no more than ten minutes to create and order you photo books, according to the company. Bonusprint Photo Books are printed over 24 pages of 200gsm paper with one image on each page, which are then spiral bound. Once ordered, photo books take seven days to deliver and cost £9.99 excluding postage and packaging.

While the Bonusprint website offers a wide variety of book options with additional pages, varied layouts and hard cover finishes, none of these are available through the iPad app which is a pity, but Bonusprint told us they are looking at improving the app in the future.

bonusprint ipad app

There are many other websites offering similar services, most of which need you to download software to your PC to create your photo book (including the Bonusprint website). Having recently gone through this process and produced a 50-page book, we can tell you that it’s not an entirely seamless process.

If you store all your pictures on your iPad, then this app offers the ability to easily and seamlessly create a photo book – even while on the move. While the lack of variety is certainly a drawback, as long as the interface works, then Bonusprint could be onto a winner here - considering it can always update the app in the future.

Source: Bonusprint

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