B&O’s Beolit 17 is rocking an insane amount of power

Bang & Olufsen’s just launched a new Bluetooth speaker that combines the brand’s usual premium materials with oodles of Wattage.

We’re used to portable speakers busting out maybe 10-30W of power – but the stereo Beolit 17 has 35W per channel from its Class D amplification. That’s 70W in total, and 240W peak output. Lots, in other words.

However, Wattage never really tell the whole sonic story, so it’s worth knowing that the Beolit 17 has a rather impressive array of drivers beneath its stylish grille. A trio of 1.5-inch tweeters handle the treble and upper mids, while a pair of 4-inch passive radiators handle bass, and a single 5.5-inch full-range driver fills in the blanks.

With this being a portable speaker – the leather carry strap gives the game away there – there’s obviously a built-in Li-Ion battery, with a 2200mAh capacity offering up to 24 hours of music playback from a 2.5-hour charge. It’s equipped with USB-C for juicing up your mobile devices while you’re raving around the picnic table, too.

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B&O Beolit 17 1

Bonus features include a 3.5mm aux in, and the ability to wirelessly pair two Beolit 17 for even bigger sound and an enhanced stereo effect.

As with most portable B&O products, the Beolit 17 is compatible with the Beoplay app for tweaking the EQ. You can also use the app to customise a one-touch button on the speaker. Set an alarm via the app, for instance, and you can set the button to snooze or deactivate the alarm. Maybe opt to press it to get back to the last thing you listened to on Spotify, or just set it as a play/pause control.

The Beolit 17 is available now for £449/$499, in Stone Grey (bit black) or the rather gorgeous Natural, which is the silvery one with the tan leather strap.

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