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Bluesmart suitcase has a GPS tracker, Bluetooth proximity sensor and built-in scale


Bluesmart connected suitcase

There are countless tablets, readers, media players and noise cancelling headphones aimed at aiding our journeys, but until now the humble suitcase has largely escaped the high-tech travel revolution.

One start-up aims to change all that with the high tech Bluesmart carry-on case, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

The Bluesmart features a Bluetooth proximity sensor, which will send an alert to the smartphone if the case disappears from range, while there’s also a GPS tracker which allows owners to find their errant luggage on a map if it drifts further afield.

The connected case also features a digital lock, which can be controlled via the smartphone app, and will lock itself if it becomes separated from the owner.

Should the user’s battery die or the phone is lost en route, users will get a physical key too If those helpful chaps at the TSA want to raid the contents of your case and sniff your undies they can also get in using the digital lock.

Bluesmart will also come in handy when packing too. There’s a built-in scale that’ll inform users if the contents of their case is over or under weight. Users can just pull up the handle to check the weight.

The accompanying application will also log the times spent in different countries and airports, while there’s also a front-loaded zipper making it easy for users to unload their tech for security checks.

So where can you buy this new-fangled, high-tech item of luggage? Well you can’t right now, but you can help make it a reality by contributing to the Indigogo funding campaign.

The firm has already smashed its $50,000 goal, racking up more than six times that amount with 33 days still left to run. If it reaches production it’ll ship for $265, which is around £165.

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Martin Hill

October 24, 2014, 2:43 pm

This is amazing! I had all sort of mishaps traveling and this product would have prevented most of them! I'm getting one for sure.

Armin Polvich

October 27, 2014, 1:40 pm

There are no weight limits on carryon and you carry your luggage with you everywhere so why do I need to track it or scale? Why is the case so heavy not practical. I also I did some research and they claim they are “the worlds first” but it looks to me they copied this idea from bags2go?

see below link:


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