Blue Planet 2 coming in glorious 4K – Attenborough is ‘thrilled’

The BBC had confirmed that Blue Planet II will be its next big nature documentary series and it is being shot in glorious 4K.

Landing over 15 years since the original Blue Planet aired in 2001, the new series will consist of seven hour-long episodes and be broadcast on BBC One later this year.

It has taken the BBC’s Natural History Unit (NHU) four years of filming to create the series and the footage will be narrated by the broadcasting legend Sir David Attenborough.

“I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known,” said Attenborough in a BBC announcement.

The crew behind the series have taken shooting to a new level by utilising the very latest in UHD camera technology.

Viewers will undoubtedly look on with wonder as specialist tow cams give a front-on view of predatory fish and dolphins.

Suction cams attached to the back of some of the largest beasts of the deep will provide a different perspective, while UHD probe cameras give viewers a first-hand view of the very smallest of marine life.

Planet Earth II, which aired to near universal acclaim last year, was the corporation’s first ever 4K series and will be released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray early next month.

However, the BBC only actually put out four minutes of 4K footage from Planet Earth II on broadcast tele, so any early 4K TV adopters will have their fingers crossed that more ambitious plans are afoot for Blue Planet II.

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