Samsung tipped to reveal blockbuster 150-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2018

Samsung is preparing to unveil a mammoth 150-inch Micro LED TV at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January. 

ZDNet notes that the firm has condensed the technology found in its jaw-dropping 34-foot 4K HDR LED Cinema Screen to make the Micro LED TV a more viable – and affordable – option for the lucrative home theatre market.  So will it be one of the best value Samsung 4K TVs next year?

Developing a Micro LED panel is an intricate process, said Samsung when it demonstrated its first 55-inch Micro LED TV back in 2012. Each LED acts as an individual pixel and mass-producing them is no easy feat, it added.

The main benefit of using a Micro LED display is that it won’t suffer from the same burn-in issue as a comparable OLED screen. It also consumes a lot less power and radiates a lower amount of heat, according to Samsung.

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Don’t count on Micro LED replacing OLED as the industry standard anytime soon

Samsung – like any other manufacturer that jumps on the Micro LED bandwagon – will first sell a number of high-priced models to cover R&D costs, before letting the technology trickle down to its budget-friendly line-up.

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