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BlackBerry: We are adding big name BlackBerry 10 apps ‘steadily’

Luke Johnson


BlackBerry 10 Apps
BlackBerry 10 Apps

Having come under criticism for lacking a number of big name titles from the BlackBerry 10 apps line up, BlackBerry has suggested it is continuing to add key apps ‘steadily’.

With BlackBerry President and CEO Thorsten Heins confirming earlier this week that the BlackBerry 10 app collection has topped the 120,000 milestone, the company has suggested its ‘steady’ addition of big name apps will see it eclipse Windows Phone 8 in the very near future.

“There are always calls from consumers to target big name applications,” Charlie Miller, BlackBerry’s Director of Alliances said. Speaking in an exclusive interview with TrustedReviews he added: “We see these partners coming on and these big names landing on the platform steadily.”

With the BlackBerry 10 platform having launched in late January with 70,000 apps in tow, including the well-known likes of Angry Birds, BlackBerry has added a further 50,000 applications to this figure in just over three months. Despite this rapid growth, high-profile apps such as Instagram are still missing from the platform.

“We have over 120,000 apps on the BlackBerry 10 platform in a very short space of time and we have given the app partners a tremendous amount of support and we are getting great feedback from those partners,” Miller said. “App partners are really excited about the platform and we are going to see more and more come on board.”

Suggesting the platform’s growth will see Windows Phone 8 soon in the crosshairs of a rising BB10, Miller stated: “I can see BlackBerry World overtaking the Windows Phone platform in terms of the number of apps available in the very near future.”

Using Moog, the synthesiser application as an example of the ‘steady’ addition of consumer appeasing BB10 apps, Miller added: “The Moog app is due in the store any minute now and there is a brand that is not on Android but made the decision to come to BlackBerry 10 because of the tools we can provide it and that is a really exciting place for us to be.”


May 20, 2013, 9:46 am

All very good news. But .... Q2 results (the first since launching BB10) will be the proof that the pudding is worth eating. That should dispel the frequent negative rumours (more returns than sales) but may not satisfy the fickle analyst.

BlackBerry are not yet out of the woods, nor are they "bed-able" in the eyes of some Eastern potentate bearing a dowry that cannot be refused.


May 20, 2013, 5:22 pm

Good luck to Blackberry. Roughly 20% of their apps are not native (ported from Android). A clever, but risky means of upping the app numbers. Still, impressive growth in apps so far. I'm not sure whether that will translate to meaninful success because, as I've stated in other posts, a platform's success is defined by more than their apps. Windows Phone (with only about 135k apps) has passed BB in market share, and the iPhone is losing market share with, what, about a billion apps? (hyperbole intended). Meanwhile, jBB's market share is tanking. IMHO, BB's appeal is in the enterprise with people who are simply accustomed to and prefer physical keyboards - hence, the buzz irt the Q10 vs. the crickets irt the Z10. Outside of that undoubtedly small group of devotees, I have my doubts about the long term viability of the platform. I'd be interested to see the demographics on interest in the Q10...I'm guessing it's the 45 and older crowd who've already owned a blackberry.

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