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BlackBerry Passport set for September launch date


BlackBerry Passport
Passport - coming soon according to a new leak

BlackBerry could launch its unique new Passport smartphone as soon as next month, according to a leaked company road map.

The squared off device turned heads when it was first unveiled earlier this year by the beleaguered Canadian mobile maker. It has a narrow physical keyboard and, as the name suggests, a Passport–shaped design.

The road map, snared by N4BB, shows that the device will be up for grabs from the end of the third quarter, earlier than many had anticipated. It will be unveiled alongside a device codenamed Khan, which is said to be BlackBerry’s much–vaunted Porsche Design phone.

Plans for the release of BB 10.3.1 software in the fourth quarter, seen in the same document, also point to the release of the so–called BlackBerry Classic at the same time. That old–style QWERTY phone will likely be aimed at users still keen on a proper keypad as opposed to a touchscreen.

BlackBerry was last week shown to be behind Windows Phone in terms of UK users. That despite Microsoft’s platform having a torrid few months in the face of sustained competition from Apple and Google.

The mobile maker had appeared to be turning things around after a disastrous end to 2013, which saw a new CEO installed and the loss of thousands of jobs after it failed to counter the early success of the iPhone.

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Via N4BB

Waseem Muhammed Khan

August 27, 2014, 11:46 am

This looks like a promising device for the focussed, work-oriented and promising people fond of constant advancement. I have been using Blackberry Q10, and I notice how the mass is misinformed by the paid-media. Would look forward to this beast, and I hear there are quite a few surprises for all of us. Can't wait for the BB Passport.


August 27, 2014, 7:16 pm

I have worked with a lot of construction contractors. They all use blackberries. They are not 16 year old girls - if their kids want toys no probs - it has to be paid for though. They run their businesses on Blackberry. When the first BB10 devices came out they were confused. They had to spend a lot of time learning the new OS. They don't have this time. Functionality was missing. The OS has evolved into the best. But Blackberry alienated older pros who need to work contracts, schedule stuff, etc. These guys don't watch netflix and stupid stuff like that. It's business. That is why the Classic is ultra important. Blackberry doesn't need to sell tons of phones. Make a buck and keep older business guys and lawyers, etc, happy. Good job Chen - give them what they want.

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