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BlackBerry Outage Across Europe Again

David Gilbert


BlackBerry Outage Across Europe Again

Update (5pm 11/10/2011): Having finally gotten round to restoring the original outage (see below) to most users this morning, RIM is now facing the ire of more BlackBery users as a second outage in two days has been confirmed.

Tweets concerning the second outage began to surface at around lunch time today with some users' BBM and email affected and by this afternoon, RIM itself issued a statement confirming the problem:

"Some users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, India, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina are experiencing messaging and browsing delays. We are working to restore normal service as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused."

As one tweeter mentioned today, with Apple's alternative to BBM, called iMessage, launching along with iOS 5 tomorrow, it is not exactly ideal timing for RIM.

We'll keep abreast of the issue as it continues but if you are experiencing problems with the service, do let us know in the comments and whether or not it would mean you may consider trading in your BlackBerry.

First published on 10/10/2011

Users of RIM’s BlackBerry devices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia (EMEA) have been suffering from service outages today due to a server crash right here in the UK.

Since 11am this morning, users have been seeing services including email, web browsing and instant messaging being adversely affected and RIM UK has confirmed that it is investigating the problem which is affecting "some users in EMEA."

Across the region, network operators in Egypt, the UK, Kuwait and Qatar have been deflecting customer outrage and pointing the finger of blame at RIM with T-Mobile tweeting: “There is an issue with Blackberry services at present. RIM are investigating this at present."

BlackBerry outage

It has now emerged that it is indeed RIM who are to blame following a server crash at a datacentre in Slough which handles BlackBerry services for the areas in question.

With RIM under severe pressure in the smartphone and tablet markets at the moment, this service outage will be the last thing that under-pressure CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis will want to deal with.

Are you one of the BBM users unable to access your free messaging service? Let us know what you think of the reaction from RIM to its latest problems.

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