There’s a new Blackberry smartphone coming to the US, and you can get it this week

During CES 2018 BlackBerry finally announced that it is bringing the Blackberry Motion to the USA, months after it hit other regions like the UK.

It was during CES in Las Vegas last year that Blackberry, along with TCL, first showed off what was to become the surprisingly successful KeyOne. It wasn’t until later in the year that we saw the handset in complete form, though.

This time around we’re not seeing the KeyOne’s successor, although Blackberry did say more keyboard equipped phones will be coming in 2018, but it still has a presence at the show. The Blackberry Motion will be finally launching in the States this week, available from Amazon and BestBuy for $499.

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Launched in late 2017 in regions like the UK and Dubai. Blackberry said it was never a given that this touchscreen phone would launch in the USA but after good feedback worldwide it decided to go ahead and bring it to a couple of retailers. The version of the Motion you’ll be able to buy will be the exact same as the global model, with the same massive 4000 mAh battery and 5.5-inch 1080p display.

Some slightly less appealing news is that it’ll be launching with the now outdated Nougat version of Android, even though we’d expect all new devices to ship with Oreo by now. Blackberry did say that an Android O update was planned and will be launching soon, but they wouldn’t give a firm date. Hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait.

Unlike the Blackberry KeyOne, which boasted the iconic BB QWERTY keyboard, the Motion is a more traditional touchscreen device. In our full review though, we still found lots to like about it. Here’s our verdict: “The BlackBerry Motion does carve out a little space within Android that may well appeal to the fans of BlackBerry Curves and Bolds back in the company’s heyday. Its privacy, productivity and security additions may not be essential, but they do feel like worthwhile additions that don’t ruin the usability of Android. And in prioritising battery life over an ultra-slight frame, BlackBerry has produced a real work horse phone.”

Another, slightly smaller, announcement from Blackberry is a new colour for the KeyOne. The ‘Bronze’ version is a mixture between the black and silver versions and isn’t as blingy as the name suggests.

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