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Black Samsung Galaxy S3 Confirmed

Andrew Williams


Black Samsung Galaxy S3
Black Samsung Galaxy S3

After seeing the black version of the Galaxy S3 pop-up on the Carphone Warehouse stock system, the additional colour edition has since been confirmed by another retailer.

Mobile accessories pro MobileFun has confirmed that it will stock the black version of the selling-like-gangbusters Android smartphone. Plus, it has posted a picture on its website. As you can see it looks… just like a black Samsung Galaxy S3. It appears to use a shiny texture similar to the pebble blue edition, so isn't quite as sober as the black versions of its predecessors, the Galaxy S and S2.

The version being sold by MobileFun will cost £499 and has 16GB of internal memory. It says that the black Samsung Galaxy S3 boxes will start arriving within 4-6 weeks.

Although it has only been available for around three months, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has reportedly already sold more than 10 million units. At present, it seems to be the on-track to become at least the second best-selling top-end phone of the year, after Apple's iPhone. If we gave you five hundred notes so spend on an S3, which colour would you go for?

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August 14, 2012, 12:27 am

Gutted.com for those who wanted black but settled for pebble blue instead.


August 14, 2012, 10:56 pm

this is an impressive phone but i finally saw one in the flesh today....and if I wanted a phone that big I think I'd travel back to the 1980s and pick up an old classic! Seriously!

Isn't there an iphone-beating flagship with the same grunt, but slightly smaller, around the 4" mark? Because the iphone 4 is just too far the other way now (dinky), and I don't want to give any more of my pennies to Cupertino's Smug Patronising Marketing Factory. (don't get me wrong, slick, well made great products....but....).

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