Black Friday UK saw the sale of over 300,000 consoles

Black Friday UK saw the sale of over 300,000 consoles in the UK alone.

It seems Black Friday here in the UK has been very successful for the gaming industry, in particular the sale of hardware such as games consoles.

According to data obtained by MCV, UK retailers recorded over 315,000 games console sales during the Black Friday week.

The figures run from Sunday, November 22 to Saturday, November 28 – so that staggering total doesn’t even include the Sunday or Cyber Monday sales whatsoever.

Sony’s PS4 led the sales figures with around 139,000 consoles sold, but Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox One, wasn’t far behind with nearly 134,000 shifted during that time period.

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The Black Friday season saw some pretty ridiculous Xbox One and PS4 deals on offer, with both consoles priced very comfortably under the £250 mark.

In fact, a refurbished PS4 could be had for under £200, while the Xbox One with a copy of Rare Replay and Ori and the Blind Forest was available for under £220.

The figures also showed that the sales were up on last year’s Black Friday season.

PS4 sales this year are up 28.6% on last year, while the Xbox One sales rose 23.3% from the previous Black Friday figures.

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