Best Sonos Deals: Cheap Sonos Black Friday deals you won’t want to miss

Sonos Black Friday Deals 2017: Join the Sonos revolution on the cheap

Looking for the very best Sonos deals? We’ve got all the details on how to find cheap Sonos speakers this October, so you can join the smart speaker revolution without breaking the bank.

What is Sonos? Sonos is arguably the market leader for multi-room speaker systems. The company makes high-quality speakers that can be placed in different rooms in your house, which can then be controlled in sync – or separately – using a smartphone app.

You can connect loads of different music services to Sonos, too. From Apple Music to Spotify, SoundCloud to TuneIn, there’s no shortage of ways to listen using your Sonos speaker.

Here are some quick-fire deals:

But it’s not just the awesome multi-room system we’re impessed by. Sonos has also built a reputation for creating speakers that offer seriously incredible sound for their price point. Irrespective of the the multi-room functionality, Sonos speakers are a recommended buy based on audio quality alone.

There are loads of different Sonos speakers on offer, which we’ve outlined below – including the best Sonos deals for each model.

Buying Tip: It’s worth noting that Sonos speakers are very expensive, and rarely discounted. So generally all Sonos deals are a good discount. However, if you see a saving of more than £30, we’d really recommend snapping the speaker up tout-de-suite.

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Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Play:1 deals

The Sonos Play:1 is the cheapest (and smallest) of the lot, but it still manages to produce a loud and incredibly rich sound. The speaker features one mid-range driver and a tweeter, comes with integrated Wi-Fi, and is even wall-mountable.

We gave the Sonos Play:1 a very high 4.5/5 score in our review, praising its small and convenient size, the impressive sound quality, and the great value for money.

Here’s our verdict: “The Sonos Play:1 is the most accessible speaker. It offers all the convenience of its streaming brothers in a smaller, cheaper form.”

Sonos One deals

Credit: Sonos / Amazon

Sonos One deals

An upgrade from the Sonos Play:1, the Sonos One is the first-ever AI-powered Sonos speaker. It comes with built-in Amazon Alexa support, which means you can control it with your voice.

This means that as well as just playing songs, you’ll also be able to check up on the news and traffic, manage your smart devices, and basically do anything a normal Alexa speaker can do.

The good news is that the Sonos One still works just like a normal Sonos speaker too, so it’ll connect to your existing Sonos ecosystem and play multi-room audio as you’d expect.

We gave the Sonos One a 4.5/5 score in our review, praising the great sound, small and convenient size, and the proper Alexa integration – with Google Assistant support coming soon, too. Our verdict reads: “One smart speaker to rule them all.”

Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Play:3 deals

Next up is the Sonos Play:3, a mid-size speaker that will suit more serious soundsters who are willing to spend a little extra on their multi-room system. The Play:3 is unique in that it can be positioned both horizontally or vertically, and comes with two 3-inch drivers and a tweeter. It’s also got a bass radiator, which is great for throwing a party.

We gave the Sonos Play:3 a similarly lofty 4.5/5 score in our review, with perks including the excellent controller software, the great sound, and the good value for money.

Here’s our verdict: “Sonos’ brilliant streaming solutions available at an affordable price. The Play:3 sounds great, gives you access to a dazzling array of content, and can be controlled completely with an Android smartphone or iPhone. Even if you have no intention of buying more than one box, that this effortlessly beats most small iPod docks in the sound department makes the Play:3 a champ.”

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Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Play:5 deals

Sonos relaunched the Sonos Play:5 back in 2015, much to our delight. The new version of the Play:5 offers amazing sound, comes with a slick new design, and even features touch-sensitive controls.

Unsurprisingly, the Sonos Play:5 earned a 4.5/5 score on account of its fantastic and warm sound, impressive looks, and clever software.

Our verdict reads as follows: “The multi-room speaker of choice, combining great design, software, and sound.”

Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Playbar deals

If you’re hoping to upgrade your home entertainment setup, look no further than the Sonos Playbar. A slick and high-quality soundbar, this will hold up under the scrutiny of even the most ardent audiophiles.

Our reviewer gave the Sonos Playbar a 4.5/5 score, heaping praise on the fantastic design and build quality, the high-detail, wide and engaging sound, and the easy streaming from services like Spotify. It boasts six mid-range drivers and three tweeters.

Here’s our verdict: “The Sonos Playbar is a lounge-unifying device that will let you dump your remote controls and your old hi-fi in the bin. Once you’ve set it up, it’ll also let you control both your TV and your audio system with your phone. For everything but the most crashing of movie soundtracks the Sonos Playbar sounds great too, with excellent clarity and an expansive soundstage.”

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Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Playbase deals

A soundbase is like a soundbar, but your TV sits atop it – saving space. The Sonos Playbase is one of the best on the market, boasting six drivers, three tweeters, and a woofer to boot. It measures 58 x 720 x 380mm and can support TVs with a weight of up to 35kg (77lbs).

Our reviewer awarded the Sonos Playbar a solid 4.5/5 score, lauding the good looks and solid build, the seamless app integration, the responsive touch keys, and the possibility for expanding the system with extra speakers.

Our brief but fair verdict reads: “A convincing argument for throwing out your stereo.”

Sonos deals

Credit: Sonos

Sonos Sub deals

If you’ve already got a bit of Sonos gear and you’re looking to really take your setup up a notch, look no further than the Sonos Sub. This hulking speaker comes with dual force-cancelling speakers, Class-D amplifiers, weighs 16KG, and offers a 25Hz bass floor. A serious bit of kit, no doubt.

We haven’t fully reviewed the Sonos Sub, but our early impressions on the device are as follows: “The Sonos setup may be able to produce more bass, but in pure fidelity terms, it would be an easy win for the Monitor Audio rig. Of course, that doesn’t take into account the great benefits of the Sonos infrastructure – best of all being slick and easy access to streaming services like Spotify and Deezer. As with most lifestyle products, there’s a compromise involved. But this is one that’s pretty easy to live with.”

That’s all of our Sonos deals, but you’ll be able to bag some more assured bargains later this year – check out our Black Friday 2017 guide for more details.

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