Black Friday: Calm or Chaos? Here’s how it went down on Twitter

Black Friday is notorious for sending mild-mannered citizens into a bargain-fed frenzy. Was this year any different?

We’ve scoured Twitter for the very best photos and videos from Black Friday 2015, and the verdict appears to be split.

Chaos – Nothing says ‘shopping trip’ like a casual punch-up

Calm – Comedian John Bishop managed to avoid the rabid crowds

Chaos – Check out this woman literally rob a child in plain sight

Calm – Things weren’t so frantic at Meadowhall; umm…anybody home?

Chaos – Shoppers rush into GAME…has nobody heard of Steam?

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Calm – Oxford Street is a little busy, but that’s business as usual for London’s top high street

Chaos – But Black Friday sparked fisticuffs across the atlantic…

Calm – Discounted TVs a-plenty, but these guys managed to retain some dignity

Chaos – “Give it to me, it’s mine…my precious!”

Calm – BHS? Looks about as wild as you’d expect…

All in all? We’d say this year has been significantly calmer than last year, mostly thanks to people turning to the internet for their deals. Cheers, Amazon…


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