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6 best Amazon Prime Day Xbox One and PS4 console deals



Looking to bag yourself a bargain on some great value Xbox One and PS4 console bundles? Amazon Prime Day is here for your convenience. Here are our picks of the very best Prime Day deals on consoles.

Amazon Prime Day has arrived, and, for those who haven't been paying attention, this means a Black Friday-topping bonanza of some 100,000 deals for subscribers to Amazon's Prime service.

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Yet to become a Prime member? Now's the time to sign up for a free trial so you can get in on the action.

If you've resisted jumping into the current generation of consoles for whatever reason, Prime Day is the perfect excuse to pull the trigger. You'll find a handful of appealing console bundles available with chunky savings.

Best Xbox One Deals Prime Day 2016

The Xbox One received a bit of a pounding when it was announced in 2013 – and a bit of a pounding from the PS4 in the sales charts since then.

But let's not forget what a great console it is – it earned a nearly perfect 9/10 score in our Xbox One review. It's got the best controller in the business and a whole bunch of compelling exclusives - we can reel off Halo 5, Titanfall, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and new indie darling Inside just off the top of our head.

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There's plenty of life left in the Xbox One yet, and Amazon has some great Xbox One bundles on offer to get you started.

Our top pick - for value, quality, and timeliness - has to be the Xbox One Overwatch bundle. This comes with the console game of the moment, Overwatch, which is a colourful team-based multiplayer shooter from the publisher that brought you World of Warcraft. You also get a Kinect sensor bar and a standard three game bundle - all for just £229.99

Best Deal: Xbox One 500GB Console with Kinect and Overwatch bundle for £229.99 - over £100 off

Next down the value chain is something for the musically curious. You can grab an Xbox One bundle with Guitar Hero Live and a Guitar Controller for just £234.99. Everyone knows about Guitar Hero by now, surely? It turns guitar virtuosity into a casual game of fast reactions and dextrous button-matching. As with the others, you also get a Kinect bar and three game starter pack.

Buy Now: Xbox One 500GB Console with Kinect and Guitar Hero Live bundle for £234.99 - over £100 off

Feeling a little racy? Then the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 bundle might be for you. The Forza series is the leading racing simulator for the Xbox family. It's packed full of real-life cars and tracks, convincing handling, and breath-taking graphics. This £245.99 bundle also comes with an extra controller, which makes it great for local multiplayer fans, as well as a Kinect bar and three game starter pack.

Buy Now: Xbox One 500GB Console with Kinect and Forza Motorsport 6 for £245.99 - over £100 off

Finally, if you just want to spend the least amount of money possible on a bare bones Xbox One set-up, you can grab the console on its own, with the Kinect bar and three game starter pack and no extra game or peripheral for just £209.99.

Buy Now: Xbox One 500GB Console with Kinect bundle for £209.99 - £79 off

US Editor's Pick

If you're viewing this page from the US, there are also multiple console deals available in the US. The best Xbox One deal we've seen offers a 1TB The Division Bundle with Forza Horizon 2, Rainbow Six Siege, an Xbox One Special Edition Dusk Shadow Wireless Controller. If that wasn't enough, you'll also get a $50 Amazon gift card.

Buy Now: Xbox One 1TB The Division Console Bundle with Forza Horizon 2, Rainbow Six: Siege and more - over $250 off

Best PS4 Deals Prime Day 2016

Sony has undoubtedly 'won' this console generation - or at least the first stage of it - with its imperious PS4. It might only have a slightest or performance edges on the Xbox One, but it's the system that most gamers have taken to heart for its no-nonsense concentration on games from the off.

Like the Xbox One, the PS4 plays host to some great exclusive games too, such as Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Driveclub, and beloved indie shooter Resogun.

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Now's a good time to join the more than 40 million PS4 gamers around the world with Amazon's Prime Day bundle deals. There are just two this time around, but they're pretty compelling.

The pick of the two has to be the Uncharted 4 bundle. This pairs Sony's console with the platform's biggest and latest exclusive, Uncharted 4. If you want to experience the best in Triple A console action-adventure games, this is where to start. It'll only cost you £239.99 on Prime Day, too.

Best Deal: Sony PlayStation 4 Console 500GB with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for £239.99 - £60 off

If you just want to buy a bare bones PS4 with a second DualShock 4 controller (a surprisingly expensive proposition by itself), you can also pick up an officially refurbished model with an extra (bright red) controller for just £229. Don't worry, this console will be like new, complete with a 12 month warranty from Sony.

Buy Now: Sony PlayStation 4 500GB with 12 month warranty and a DualShock 4 controller for £229 - nearly £100 off

Oh, and did we mention that GTA 5 is also on offer for a limited time this Prime Day? Grab the GTA 5 Prime Day Lightning deal while you can!

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Spotted any great deals this Prime Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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