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Vodafone officially the UK’s most complained about mobile network


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In the quest to provide terrible customer service, there can be only one winner…

Vodafone remains the most complained about mobile network for the fourth quarter in a row.

The UK network provider topped all other rivals when it comes to offering sub-par customer service, as revealed by an Ofcom report.

The telecoms industry regulator today revealed its damning verdict in its ‘Telecoms and Pay TV complaints December 2015’ report, which details the last three months of complaints.

Vodafone remained the most complained about mobile provider, after complaint volumes increased to 20 complaints per 100,000 customers in the quarter,” writes Ofcom.

The figure is up from 14 per 100,000 customers, as recorded in the previous quarter.

“The main drivers of Vodafone complaints were problems with billing, pricing and charges (37%); complaints handling (28%); and concerns around faults, service and provision (17%),” the regulator continues.

EE landed in second place with nine complaints per 100,000 customers, above the industry average of eight.

Here are the entire rankings of complaints about network providers per 100,000 users:

  • Vodafone – 20
  • EE – 9
  • Industry Average – 8
  • Virgin Media – 6
  • Talk Mobile – 6
  • O2 – 4
  • Three – 4
  • Tesco – 1

Ofcom also released a graph showing how networks performed over the past five quarters:


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As is evident from the chart, Tesco has consistently generated the lowest volume of complaints for seven straight quarters.

Ofcom’s report also detailed various other telecoms sectors complaint findings:


Most complained about: EE

Least complained about: Virgin Media


Most complained about: EE

Least complained about: Virgin Media

Pay TV

Most complained about: BT

Least complained about: Sky

You can find the full report at Ofcom’s website.

Do any of these results surprise you? Let us know in the comments.


December 15, 2015, 5:20 pm

Blast! Just taken a (good) deal with Vodafone.
Hope I'm one of the 980 per 1000 without aggro!

Sam Smith

December 24, 2015, 12:12 pm

Hi everyone

Vodafone really are bad at answering the phone, processing
anything, and generally a pain in the bottom.
Well I was accidently given the shop hot line with no que, so if you
want to waste some of their time and enoy them.
HOT LINE NUMBER for shops is 033330 040956.

I sent hours trying to sort out a repair, and at the end of end of 7
days of waiting it came back with same fault!
Please ring on above number…

Natalie Davis

April 28, 2016, 12:55 pm

Vodafone continuously charge me for serices that wont work. I have complained by phone, letter, email, in several stores, and live chat. In return they have ignored and insulted me. They have also locked me out of my account and sent my login details to strangers. They also discussed my account with my daughter, who told them she was not me. My personal information is not safe with vodafraud and yours won't be either if you sign up with the worst mobile network in the world.

Laura Brown

May 23, 2017, 10:07 am

Never experienced such bad customer service!

Wanted to upgrade
my contract to a sim only then transfer the ownership, 4 and half hours
later on the phone, being passed across 10 different departments, 3
tweets and 2 and half hours to online chat it still wasn't
resolved....this was just in 1 day! The so called 'technical department'
didn't even know what the problem was with the account.

Gave up
in the end and cancelled the contract only to find out 3 weeks later
that the account had been reactivated (without my consent!) 5 days after
I called to cancel! Customer services hadn't even cancelled the
contract and claimed there was no evidence of this call...funny that as I
have a call history that says otherwise...absolutely appalling!

In total I have spent the best part of over 16 hours on the phone to customer services to resolve and cancel this contract.

had previously had to go to the ombudsman about Vodafone when I
previously took out 1 pay monthly phone contract in store only to find
out that they has somehow signed me up to 4 phone contracts and had to
pay for all 4 contracts for over 8 months before it was resolved. The
only reason it was resolved was due to the ombudsman getting involved.

Never seen such a string on incompetent and poor service.
Do not waste your time with them!

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