These are the best and worst UK mobile phone networks in January 2018

Ofcom has released its first major report of 2018, revealing the UK’s best mobile networks for customer satisfaction – and the worst for complaints.

Tesco Mobile took top honours, as it had the fewest number of complaints per 100,000 subscribers – the primary metric Ofcom uses to measure customer satisfaction. It also translates this into a 1-10 rating (1 being the best, in this case, and with ‘5’ representing an industry average), with Tesco Mobile scoring a ‘1’.

At the other end of the league table was Vodafone, which scored a not-so-perfect ’10’. Its customer are apparently particularly aggrieved over how Vodafone handles issues around billing, pricing and charges.

Also in the relegation zone were BT (‘9’), TalkTalk (‘8’), and Virgin Mobile (‘8), while Tesco Mobile was joined by Three, O2, and EE at the business end of things.

Best UK Mobile Network 2018: The top four phone networks right now

That means, that according to Ofcom at least, the UK’s four best mobile networks right now in 2018 are:

  1. Tesco Mobile
  2. Three
  3. O2
  4. EE

Of course, a major caveat is needed here. Measuring customer satisfaction is only one indicator of how good a mobile network is (albeit a pretty damn important one), with 4G coverage, contract value, and added extras all also playing an important part in how ‘good’ you’re likely to find a particular provider.

EE, for instance, boasts the UK’s most comprehensive 4G network, while Vodafone took home our reader-voted Mobile Network of the Year at the Trusted Reviews Awards 2017 and bundles in things like Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV, and NOW TV Entertainment with its tariffs.

That said, there’s clearly a case to be made for Tesco Mobile (it piggybacks on O2’s slice of the UK 4G and 3G spectrum, if you’re interested), as this is the 14th consecutive quarter it has been named tops for overall ‘customer satisfaction’. That’s three-and-a-half years of keeping people pretty sodding happy.

But muddying the waters further is that fact that a lot of peeved customers, in true British fashion, can’t be arsed to complain, so perhaps a more accurate moniker would be ‘best customer satisfaction amongst those who love having a moan’. It’s certainly not subject to the same level of rigorous real-world testing we would apply before naming a product or service best in class, so please don’t consider this our endorsement.

For the battle-hardened whinger, though, it does seem pretty settled – Tesco Mobile will suffer you in the finest fashion.

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