Best Surface Pro deals October 2017

Best Surface Pro deals: We’ve rounded up all the best deals and discounts on Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro hybrids combine the best of tablets and laptops, with state of the art touchscreens, fantastic processing power, and a sleek, minimal design. And if you’re looking to get in on the action, we’ve got the best deals on the latest Surface Pro as well as the Surface Pro 4 right here, alongside offers on older models.

If you’re interested in something closer to a traditional laptop, Microsoft also offers another product in their range called the Surface Book as well as the more powerful Surface Laptop and Surface Studio offerings. Check out our full rundown of the best Surface Book deals in October 2017.

Best Surface Pro deals – What is the New Surface Pro?

Doubling as both a laptop and tablet, this powered device has a little more of a kick and double the battery life of a Surface Pro 4. It also has better Surface Pen accuracy,  with 13.5 hours of on-time during video playback (think of all the Netflix you could watch).

Best Surface Pro deals – What is the Surface Pro 4?

We’ve previously called this ‘the best Windows 10 tablet available’, with high-quality hardware, fantastic performance, and gorgeous screen and sound quality. As a hybrid tablet/laptop, it was a step ahead of the game when it was released and despite numerous rivals entering the scene, it remains a strong contender.

The Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch display, built in webcams, a kickstand, and comes with a Surface Pen – but annoyingly enough, you’ll have to buy a Type Cover (a Surface Pro keyboard) separately and they don’t come cheap.

Best Surface Pro Deal

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 1TB / Intel Core i7 – £1800 from £2359

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Our best deal is on the most powerful device in the bunch: the Surface Pro 4. With 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage space, and an i7 processor, this is a pretty heavy=duty piece of equipment and AO’s offering a whopping £559 off.

Best Surface Pro Deals

Many of the best deals seem to be coming from Microsoft itself, which has slashed the prices aggressively on its own site (though you’ll see retailers like Amazon giving them a run for their money). If you’re a student or work in higher education, there’s also a number of tailored deals courtesy of Microsoft specifically for you.

New Surface Pro Intel Core m3 / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD – £719.10 down from £799

Buy now: Microsoft

Microsoft’s student/university and college faculty discounts are unbeatable when it comes to their own products and in the case of the m3 Surface Pro, there’s a discount of nearly £80. If you’ve moved on from education however, Ballicom International is also offering a slight discount at £761.20.

New Surface Pro Intel Core i5 / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD – £929 down from £979

Buy now: Amazon

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can order the Surface Pro at a £50 discount but it unfortunately doesn’t with a type cover (the Surface Pro’s keyboard).

New Surface Pro Intel Core i5 / 4GB RAM / 18GB SSD – £881.10 down from £979

Buy now: Microsoft

This offer’s exclusive to students, teachers, or university/college faculty. Microsoft will shave a very agreeable 10% off the top of its Surface Pro devices, dropping the price down to £881.10. The trend continues across all the other iterations of their Surface Pros, across all the different specs.

New Surface Pro Intel Core i7 / 16GB RAM / 256GB SSD – £1394.10 down from £1549

Buy now: Microsoft

You guessed it, another student deal. If you’re not in or working in education, check out Currys’ New Surface Pro deal, which gets you the device for just £1449.

New Surface Pro Intel Core i7 / 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD – £2429.10 down from £2699

Buy now: Microsoft

This student/university faculty deal takes £270 off the most advanced version of the New Surface Pro. If you don’t happen to be in education, there’s a slight discount over at CCL Online with a Surface Pro priced at £2488.27.

Surface Pro

Best Surface Pro 4 Deals

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 128GB / Intel Core m3 (no pen) – £635 down from £749

Buy now: Microsoft

While the Intel Core m3 edition of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 isn’t the most powerful, Microsoft is offering the best deal on it. With a generous price drop of £114, it’s a fantastic choice if you’re not going to be running powerful software constantly – though you will have to buy a Surface Pen separately.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 8GB RAM / 256 GB SSD / Intel Core i5 – £1075 down from £1099

Buy now: Amazon

Anybody can get in on this slightly cheaper Amazon deal, which includes a Surface Pen to
boot. If you have Amazon Prime, this product is also eligible for Prime shipping.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – 8GB RAM / 256GB / Intel Core i7 – £1099 down from 1369

Buy now: Microsoft

Another killer Microsoft deal, the company has slashed £270 off this Intel Core i7 edition of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Best Surface Pro deals – Accessories

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover – £139.99 for students, down from £149.99

Buy now: Microsoft

Both functional and stylish, the Surface Pro Signature Type cover is designed in a special Alcantara fabric to protect your Surface Pro screen and provide a comfortable typing experience. This specific deal is just for the students though, anywhere else you’ll have to pay full retail price.

Microsoft Surface Pen – £59.99 down from £99.99

Buy now: Currys

While some models of the Surface models come with a Surface Pen, you can bet at some point you may wind up losing your stylus. This Microsoft-branded Surface Pen is just £59.99 and works with the Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3 in case you need a handy replacement.

Surface Dial – £89.99

Buy now: John Lewis

If you’re serious about digital art or just want to revolutionise your user experience, the Surface Dial is the way to go. The device attached to the screen of your Surface Pro and can then be used to do a number of different things such as adjust music volume, make drawing simpler, or create fantastic shortcuts.