Best Racing Wheels: 5 turbocharged deals for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Best Racing Wheel Deals: We look at some great bargains for sim racing fanatics on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

With F1 2016 just hours away from launch, there’s never been a better time to buy a racing wheel for your PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. We’ve reviewed several of today’s latest and greatest wheels on TrustedReviews over the last couple of years, and the prices for all of them have fallen dramatically since we first saw them.

Here are the best wheel deals around.

Logitech G29 and G920 – Save over £100 on some great pedals

Logitech G29 19

The Logitech G29 may have been a bit controversial when it launched, being the only wheel that worked with the PS4 despite bearing similar technical specifications to the G27. All is forgiven, though, as for £180 or less you’ve now got yourself a bit of a deal.

The G29 has all the buttons you could ever want and a decent force-feedback motor, plus it’s built like a tank and uses hard-wearing leather on the most-used parts of the rim.

The pedals are equally great, with a proper brake pedal that feels more like its real-life counterpart than any other included pedal set we’ve used.

We awarded it four stars back in 2015, when it cost £300, so this is a really great price for a quality gaming peripheral.

The G920 is identical (aside from different buttons) to the G29. It’s the Xbox One version of the same wheel and is available for practically the same money.

Thrustmaster T300 GTE and T300 RS – Over £60 off and the best price on the web


Offering one of the best mid-range steering experiences around, the T300 wheels look great, feel great and come with their own pedals, although you only get a bargain-basement accelerator and brake – there’s no clutch here. These are PS4-only, however, you’ll have to look at the TX458 and TXM for Xbox One gaming.

We gave it a hearty four-star score in 2014, and at this price it’s £65 off the RRP – and £35 cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else.

Thrustmaster T150 – Best bargain buy for PS4 and PC racers

Thrustmaster T150 13

The T150 is about as cheap as force-feedback racing wheels come, and while there are plenty of shortcomings that’ll put ultra-hardcore racers off, it’ll be good enough for many occasional racers.

Among other features, you get a wheel with a pair of pedals, and the force feedback is actually a lot better than you’d expect for a wheel that costs half as much as the others on this list.

At £110, it’s the perfect introduction into the world of sim racing.

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