Best LG G6 Deals: The best pay monthly contracts in January 2018

Searching for a phone contract on the LG G6? We’ve rounded up all the best LG G6 deals on the UK market right now to make it easy for you to find a bargain.

Whether you’re trying to find the lowest possible monthly costs, a deal with loads of data or simply the cheapest deal upfront, there should be an LG G6 deal on this page that will suit you. We’ve listed them according to data allowance to make it easy for you to compare deals from different networks at a glance.

Check out our two favourite LG G6 deals of the month for starters:

We’ll make sure this page is always up to date with the best value LG G6 deals out there, so keep it bookmarked if you’re determined to find the best bargain.

So why buy the LG G6? The phone’s eye-catching near-bezel-free design gives it a high-end appeal – even when sitting next to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 – and it has an excellent display to boot.

It’s a little disappointing that LG wasn’t patient enough to wait for the nippy Snapdragon 835 processor, like other 2017 phones, instead opting for the older Snapdragon 831. But there are impressive features elsewhere.

The camera is incredibly reliable and produces great photos. In a nutshell, the G6 excels when it comes to simplicity – it’s an impressive Android phone with no annoying gimmicks, and it’s an exceedingly affordable phone for budget buyers!

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Best LG G6 deals – 1GB to 5GB

A deal with a data allowance between 1GB and 5GB should offering enough 4G fuel to keep you messaging, browsing, emailing and flitting between apps when you’re away from Wi-Fi. There’s enough wiggle room with to splurge on videos and music streaming every now and then, but you should head to the section with bigger data deals below if you’re not sure you’ve got the self discipline to resist frequent browsing.

We found some great deals catering for the small data crowd at the moment, including a brilliant 1GB deal on Carphone Warehouse’s budget sister network iD Mobile that’s only £19.99 per month. However, we think that EE’s 5GB deal at £27.99 per month is better value for money, giving you much more freedom with your internet allowance and asking for nothing upfront.

1GB deal on iD – £19.99/month | £29.99 upfront | 600 mins & 5000 texts (iD Mobile)

2GB deal on iD – £21.99/month | £29.99 upfront | 600 mins & 5000 texts (iD Mobile)

3GB deal on O2 – £27/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

4GB deal on iD – £24.99/month | £29.99 upfront | 600 mins & 5000 texts (iD Mobile)

4GB deal on Vodafone – £23/month | £79.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

5GB deal on EE – £27.99/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

Best LG G6 deals – 8GB to 30GB

Not confident you can reign in your internet habits and settle for a small data deal from the section above? Here are the best deals for the avid 4G user with a healthy appetite for apps, TV and browsing while on the go. Whether you use your phone for both personal and work use, travel frequently, watch TV, game a lot, or simply reach for your phone whenever there’s a spare moment, you’ll be set with a nice and roomy data allowance tipping the 30GB mark.

You’ll notice that Three is hands down the most generous network when it comes to big data deals on the LG G6 right now. It’s the cheapest deal in this section, but it’s offering the most data. Go figure! Unless you’ve got strong reasons for sicking with one of the other networks in this section, you should definitely pick Three’s bumper 30GB deal.

8GB deal on iD – £32.99/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

10GB deal on O2 – £35/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

16GB deal on Vodafone – £36/month | £9.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (Carphone Warehouse)

30GB deal on Three – £32/month | free upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

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