Best iPhone 8 Deals: Get your hands on an iPhone 8 pre-order bargain now

If your old iPhone is feeling a little rusty, today is your lucky day. The brand new iPhone 8 is finally available to pre-order ahead of its September 22 launch date, and we’ve scouted out all the best iPhone 8 deals to make sure it’s in your pocket ASAP.

Apple is debuting all manner of features on its new handset, including a new design featuring a sleek all-glass back and front, which Apple claims is the most durable glass in the smartphone world.

You can be sure Apple’s new handset will be hard to get a hold of once it launches, which is why it’s a good idea to pre-order it right away to eliminate the wait. Here are three great deals we think are worth buying now:

Demand tends to exceed supply when Apple launches a new iPhone, so nudging your way to the front of the queue early is the best way to make a shiny new iPhone yours really soon.

iPhone 8 deals – the best pre-order deals available now

iPhone 8 deals

Credit: Apple

As it’s the first official pre-order day, we’re still waiting for all the iPhone 8 deals to trickle in from the top UK retailers. Below are just a few iPhone 8 deals that we’ve spotted early and think are worth grabbing before the masses descend.

Best iPhone 8 deals at

iPhone 8 64GB (Silver) | £125 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 3GB data | £37 per month Here’s a modest O2 deal for people with only a small appetite for 4G on the go. If you’re more likely to be found browsing in the comfort of Wi-Fi than downloading, streaming and app-hopping out and about, then this is the affordable option for you.

  • Total cost over 24 months: £1013
  • View this deal at

iPhone 8 64GB (Grey) | £125 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 5GB data | £42.99 per month Don’t be put off by the upfront cost of this EE deal – it’s the reason those monthly payments are a little kinder on the wallet than you might expect. For people searching for a decent mid-level data allowance, it’s the most attractive package we’ve seen yet.

  • Total cost over 24 months: £1156.76
  • View this deal at

iPhone 8 64GB (Silver) | £100 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 26GB data | £44 per month Vodafone is offering a mammoth 26GB of data for only a fraction more money than the data-light O2 and EE deals above. This is a ridiculously affordable deal for a brand new Apple phone, and we’d recommend grabbing it fast if you’re hungry for lots of data. We don’t reckon you’ll see many deals as generous as this once the public grapple for the iPhone 8 is in full swing.

  • Total cost over 24 months: £1156
  • View this deal at

Best iPhone 8 deals at Carphone Warehouse

iPhone 8 64Gb (Gold) | £129.99 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 4GB data | £42 per month If you want the Vodafone deal to end all Vodafone deals, the above 26GB data deal via is much better value than this deal. However, if you like dealing with Carphone Warehouse or you don’t want to sign up for that much data, this is the best the retailer has to offer at the moment.

iPhone 8 64GB (Grey) | £9.99 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 5GB data | £49 per month This mid-level O2 deal may be a bit unforgiving on the monthly bills, but it’s only asking for a tenner before the handset hits your pocket. It’s a great compromise if you don’t have the cash saved to bag the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 64GB (Grey) | £149.99 upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 25GB data | £47.99 per month EE has all of your browsing, streaming and downloading needs covered with this hearty 25GB package. That bigger upfront sum is to thank for the monthly payments sitting comfortably below the £50 mark.

Best iPhone 8 deals on Sky Mobiles

iPhone 8 64GB | Free upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 5GB data | £42 per month (Sky customers) | £52 per month (non-Sky customers) Existing Sky customers can make the most out of their membership by getting this mid-level data deal with Sky Mobile a little cheaper than everyone else. It’s available to non-Sky customers for a little more, but the big bonus is that it’s free upfront for everyone.

  • Total cost over 24 months: £1008 (Sky customers), £1248 (non-Sky customers)
  • View this deal at

iPhone 8 64GB | Free upfront | Unlimited calls texts | 10GB data | £52 per month (Sky customers) | £62 per mont (non-Sky customers) If the 5GB deal above doesn’t quite cut it for you, this bigger 10GB package might suit you better. Considering it’s free upfront, the monthly payments are only a little over £50 for existing Sky customers.

  • Total cost over 24 months: £1128 (Sky customers), £1488 (non-Sky customers)
  • View this deal at

So what else should you know about the iPhone 8? For the full lowdown, check out our everything your should know about the iPhone 8 guide, or read on for a quick overview.

The iPhone 8 will retain the same IPS screen found on older iPhones, which debunks rumours we’ve been hearing about an OLED screen. Like we said, Apple is coating it in what it reckons is the most resilient glass ever to grace a smartphone, so clumsy phone-droppers can rejoice.

It will carry Apple’s new A11 Bionic processor under the hood, which Apple says comes with a host of performance benefits. The handset will also debut the new iOS 11.

Looking towards the lens, you can expect a 12-megapixel primary camera with lots of exciting updates to the camera app and photos, along with a host of other app improvements and a brand new set of vocal chords for Siri.

We don’t doubt that the iPhone 8 is going to be one of the most sought-after phones of 2017, so be sure to pre-order now if you’re intent on being among the first to own it.

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