Best HTC U11 deals: The best pay monthly contracts in January 2018

So your phone contract’s up and you’re looking for a shiny new deal? The HTC U11 is a top performer, and you can grab it for a knockout price if you choose from our handpicked list of the best HTC U11 deals this month.

On this page, we list the best HTC U11 deals available on the UK’s best networks – you’ll notice that all the deals on the page are with EE at the moment, excluding one Vodafone deal at the bottom. This is simply because we think there are no networks rivalling EE’s sheer value for money on the HTC U11 right now.

Here’s a pair of fabulous HTC U11 deals you should check out before scrolling down:

We’ll regularly update this page to make sure it always reflects the best HTC U11 bargains on the market, so you can rest assured that your search ends here. If there isn’t a deal that catches your eye, keep this page bookmarked and check back for new deals again soon.

So, why should you choose the HTC U11? We gave the phone a confident 4/5 stars in our full HTC U11 review, praising its fast performance, brilliant camera and outstanding Hi-Res Audio support.

A couple of contentious features include the incredibly shiny, fingerprint-catching design and its lack of a headphone jack. You might not find them too irksome, though, and they certainly don’t take away from the HTC U11’s generally high-end appeal.

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Best HTC U11 deals – 2GB to 5GB

Here are the most basic HTC U11 deals for the smaller budget and the modest internet user. They’re perfect if you do most of your internet-heavy activities when you’re hooked up to Wi-Fi, tending not to reach for that screen in your pocket for 4G shenanigans that often.

Here’s our lineup of small data deals worth checking out this month, all with EE on the same monthly payment plan, asking for varying upfront costs depending on how much data you’re after. We’ve included the 3GB deal as a price comparison, but you’ll notice the bigger 5GB deal is better value – maybe that’s EE trying to tell you to size up with your data!

2GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | £84.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

3GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | £98.99 upfront |unlimited mins & texts (

5GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | £93.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

Best HTC U11 deals – 8GB to 16GB

One of these 8GB to 16GB contracts is a good idea if you’re not quite ready to go large with a colossal 20GB+ data deal, but still want lots of freedom to use 4G as you please. You might want to consider one of these deals if you use your phone for both work and personal purposes, or if you’re finding yourself using it more and more for stuff like the music streaming, watching TV and playing on apps.

EE’s crop of HTC U11 deals in this data range come with a variety of price plans to suit different budgets. If you can’t stomach the hefty upfront cost that comes with the 8GB deal, you should be much more comfortable sizing up and opting for its 10GB or 15GB options. Vodafone comes up trumps in the 16GB data department, but it’s much more expensive than EE’s 15GB deal.

8GB deal on EE – £32.99/month | £113.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

10GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £46.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

15GB deal on EE – £37.99/month | £42.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (

16GB deal on Vodafone – £44/month | £89.99 upfront | unlimited mins & texts (


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