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Beats mixr Are Headphones For DJs

David Gilbert


Beats mixr David Guetta

Beats by Dr Dre has announced a new set of headphones designed specifically for DJs, having teamed up with world-renowned music producer and disc jockey, David Guetta.

Teaming up with famous names from the music industry seems to becoming ubiquitous for headphone manufacturers these days, and one company has decided that one famous name just isn't enough.

Already with Dr. Dre on the books, Beats Electronics has now teamed up with world famous disc jockey David Guetta. The Beats mixr headphones, called the “ultimate weapon of choice for DJs” by Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, promise to handle the highest sound level without compromising the “ultra crisp sonic technology expected from all Beats by Dr. Dre products.”

Beats mixr David Guetta

The most obviously DJ-specific addition to the Beats mixr headphones is the ability to swivel the ear cup 180 degrees in order to listen to the exterior environment while mixing. They have been designed with very loud environments in mind, according to the company.

Speaking about the collaboration, Guetta said: “Our vision was to create the perfect world class headphone for DJs and music lovers alike and the outcome is truly amazing. The sound is better than anything I’ve experienced before because it doesn’t distort no matter what volume I am playing music at. They’re easy to travel with because they’re so light and compact.”

The Beats mixr will be available in the UK this October in HMV stores and will come with a suggested retail price of £249.95.

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