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BBC Three now online-only



BBC Three has had its switch flipped from conventional broadcaster to online service.

The BBC first outlined its plans for the channel around two years ago, and those plans were confirmed in June of last year.

Sure enough, yesterday proved to be the last day of BBC Three functioning as a regular UK channel. From today, it's an exclusively online service.

In fact, the BBC reckons the channel is the first in the world to make such a bold move.

From now on, long-form BBC Three content will show up on its new home, the Best of Three website, as well as through everyone's favourite catch-up service, iPlayer. Think comedies, dramas, and documentaries, and box-sets of some of the channel's top shows.

There'll also be a steady drip of shorter content pushed to the channel's new mobile-focused website, The Daily Drop, as well as its YouTube channel and social media accounts. Think short films, animation, and sports updates.

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In each of these categories, the Beeb will continue making content for BBC Three's 16-34 target audience. It's promised to continue providing original comedy and drama shows, as well as documentaries and current affairs programmes for younger viewers.

All in all, the message across a couple of lengthy blog posts seems to be that BBC Three's content isn't going away - it's just shifting to a more modern and flexible platform.

Eddie Smithers

February 16, 2016, 12:06 pm

So we can expect a TV Licence cost reduction?

Mike Walker

February 16, 2016, 5:58 pm

Woope do, this and bbc 4 were only on for a few hours a day anyway which I always though was a waste given the bbcs massive back catalogue.


February 16, 2016, 7:27 pm

"Modern & flexible". So's my Sky recorder box.
I also prefer HD thank you very much.

Lucky it's a minority channel the're using for the experiment.
The TV channel still operates 01:00 to 04:00 every day, showing sitcoms.

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