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BBC Outlines Plans For 3D Olympic Coverage

David Gilbert


BBC Outlines Plans For 3D Olympic Coverage

The BBC has been pretty upfront about its thoughts regarding the future of 3D in our homes. In March last year, it published its technology strategy for the coming years, branding the currently furore around the 3D platform as “hype” and that the BBC would not be committing completely to 3D because it fears it may “fail to deliver/take off.”

Therefore is comes as no surprise that the BBC’s 3D coverage of the Olympics will be very limited. Roger Mosley, BBC director of London 2012, has announced that the state broadcaster will be covering some parts of the opening and closing ceremonies in 3D, as well as the men’s 100m final.

These three live events will be complimented by a nightly highlights package which 3D TV owners will also be able to take advantage of. The whole 3D coverage is still seen by the BBC as an “experiment” as it continues to test the waters, as it did last summer with its 3D Wimbledon coverage.

Coverage of the Olympics will be broadcast on BBC One, along with a HD simulcast on BBC One HD and the 3D version will be broadcast on the BBC HD Channel, again similar to the set-up for Wimbledon. The nightly highlights package will feature a range of sports on the BBC HD channel after all the live action has finished.

Along with the BBC’s belief that 3D take-up has not been that great among the general public, another reason for limiting the 3D coverage is that if it had covered more events in 3D, it would have limited the number of events broadcast in HD, which many more viewers would benefit from.

We imagine that those people planning on upgrading or have already purchased a 3D TV in anticipation of the European Championships and Olympics later this year will be disappointed with the paltry selection on offer from the BBC.

Are you disappointed with the lack of 3D coverage? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Roger Mosely’s Blog


February 17, 2012, 7:42 am

Those who have bought a 3D TV may be disappointed. But personally I would be more disappointed if my licence fee was used to push a technology which exists solely for the benefit of the entertainment industry (in their misguided attempts to fight piracy) rather than their audience. In fact I would be furious. So I'm rather glad the BBC have decided to broadcast more events in HD for the benefit of millions of their viewers, rather than using my money to actively help Sony et al force 3D on us.

Martin 6

February 17, 2012, 1:57 pm

I would prefer they spent the money on the severe lack of HD, it is a crying shame that only BBC one has a HD simulcast. We need all of the BBC channels in HD before even thinking about 3D if you ask me. I have dropped HD from my sky package after they made HD move in-line to be with the channels I subscribed to, I realised there was only Sky one that I was paying for as the rest of the HD ones I watch regularly are free.


February 17, 2012, 6:29 pm

Disappointing but hardly surprising as per the comments already made.

Disappointing that with over 200 hours going to be output in 3D by the Olympic Broadcasters, the BBC is only showing 4-5 hours.

Other countries will get to see all the 3D content because their broadcasters have dedicated 3D channels. However, even thought it is in our back yard we get to see virtually none of it.

Pity they could not have come to some arrangement with Sky and then everyone would have been happy.

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