Battlefield 5: EA rumoured to be working on Battle Royale mode

EA and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 5 will arrive this year. Knowing this, we’re all speculating what the upcoming title will have in store, and if it will build on the World War 1 setting established by Battlefield 1.

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Battlefield 5 news

According to a new report from VentureBeat, Electronic Arts is currently working on a prototype Battle Royale mode for the Battlefield series. The report states that it will feature similar gameplay elements to Fortnite and PUBG, but don’t expect it to launch alongside Battlefield 5 later this year.

The article’s author, Jeff Grubb, has said the mode is still in its prototype phase and it won’t be ready in time for the initial release. If it is added, it could be part of an upcoming DLC pack or even a free update of sorts.

Battlefield 5 – what is it?

The next entry in Electronic Art’s Battlefield series will take place in World War 2 and be known as Battlefield V. That is, according to a new report by GamesBeat.

According to anonymous sources speaking to the publication, Battlefield V was previously known as Battlefield 2 internally at the development studio. This makes sense, considering Battlefield 1 being named after its conflict.

If true, this will be the first time Battlefield ventures into World War 2 since 2009’s Battlefield 1943. You can check out a leaked image below, although some elements have been obscured.

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GamesBeat has followed up on its previous leak with further details on Battlefield V. According to its recent report, Battlefield V’s solo campaign will once again follow a variety of protagonists through bite-sized stories.

The report also states that a co-op mode of sorts is in development and some changes are coming to the established movement system. One example highlighted in the report includes being able to go prone while on your back – much like in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Battlefield 5 release date

Battlefield 5 will arrive in 2018, Electronic Arts confirmed in its most recent earnings call. It was confirmed alongside a delay to Anthem which will now launch in early 2019. EA stated the decision was made to make room for its popular shooter franchise.

EA has confirmed Battlefield 5 will be the headliner at its EA Play event ahead of E3 2018. This will take place from June 9-11 in the Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium. A press conference will take place on June 9 which we’ll be covering right here.

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battlefield 1

Battlefield 5 gameplay How does it play?

We won’t be seeing any actual gameplay of Battlefield 5 for a few months yet, but, there are a few assumptions we can safely make. Battlefield tends to focus on scale and spectacle above all else, especially when it comes to multiplayer battles. The solo campaign is normally a smaller affair, focusing on personal stories of a few select soldiers across a larger conflict.

Battlefield 1 delivered in solo and multiplayer efforts, presenting a thrilling (if a bit short) episodic campaign and online carnage that continues to excite. With an arsenal of different classes and vehicles to choose from, experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to playing with friends and wreaking havoc across all game modes.

We’re pretty excited to see how Battlefield 5 builds on the formula we know and love.

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Battlefield 5 wishlist things we’d like to see

Naval battles!

Battlefield 1 was sorely missing out when it came to epic naval battles. Sure, you had a speeding train in the Arabian desert and a historic crashing zeppelin, but none let you surprise enemies with a grenade or two from beneath the water. Battlefield 5 should bring this back in style, perhaps with an assortment of new vehicles capable of ruling the seas.

Another episodic campaign

Shooter campaigns are normally a hit or miss affair, so it was a welcome surprise when Battlefield 1’s effort proved to be better than anyone could have expected. It was criminally short, but sharing levels across a variety of playable soldiers and locations meant we received a detailed picture of The Great War.

It wasn’t a history lesson by any means, but by giving each episode an emotional context we felt invested in not only our characters, but also the things we were fighting for. Battlefield 5 would do well to learn from its predecessors.

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Call of Duty has been doing zombie modes for years, with many iterations failing to leave the same impact as its iconic Nazi original. We’d like to see Battlefield give this style of horde mode a punt. DICE could always envision the spooky dilemma on a larger scale, perhaps adapting it to a conquest-sized map with dozens of players fighting off the undead menace.

Battlefield 1’s Operations mode showed that its perfectly possible to attach a narrative of sorts to online matchmaking, and it could work brilliantly for a historic twist on everyone’s favourite flesh eaters.

With more Battlefield 5 news set to emerge in the coming months, make sure you keep an eye on Trusted Reviews!