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Battlefield 4 problems on UK release day as servers struggle under load

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Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 launched in the UK today, but servers have so far failed to cope with the influx of players.

It follows the bugs and connection issues some users experienced with the US Battlefield 4 release date, a few days ago.

DICE, the makers of BF4, hoped an open Beta and a staggered world-wide release date would minimise the server connection issues and bugs many gamers experienced with the release of Battlefield 3 last year. Unfortunately with a cross-platform game of this magnitude there was always likely to be some teething problems.

A number of bugs and other problems have appeared, particularly in the multiplayer section of the game, that have left some gamers fuming on Twitter and forums. Server queues have been disabled following problems while there is an issue with some AMD graphics cards that require a driver update. An AMD beta driver was made available during the Battlefield 4 beta test but it appears that new issue have appeared since the beta ended. According to forum reports DICE are investigating the issues.

Server errors seem to be appearing primarily on Xbox and PC versions but some PS3 owners are complaining that server lists are empty and there are problems attempting to start quick matches.

Server owners are also reporting server crashes and instability. DICE released a server update yesterday to resolve some, but not all, of the issues.

Some PC owners are struggling to download BF4. This appears to be primarily a firewall issue and if you are experiencing it you should allow a number of programs through the Windows Firewall these are:

  1. Origin.exe
  2. OriginClientService.exe
  3. EAProxyInstaller.exe
  4. igoproxy64.exe
(Special thanks to thegr8sid for this tip.)

Unfortunately there is no solution yet for PS3 owners struggling to download Battlefield 4 from the PSN store.

Those lucky enough to play and complete the single player campaign have noticed a problem with weapons that should become unlocked still being unavailable.

It’s early days and a lot of players are experiencing problem–free play, but there seems to be a few issues with Battlefield 4. The good news is DICE appears to be working hard to resolve them and we’ll keep updating this story with more fixes and news as they appear.

Are you experiencing problems with Battlefield 4 servers? Have you found a solution or workaround for a specific problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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November 1, 2013, 12:49 am

These problems are more traditional than Xmas. I can't remember the last Battlefield that wasn't a debacle the first week. EA never learns.

I am unanimous in that

November 1, 2013, 2:08 am

Shameful really. I've ordered it and am looking forward to playing it, but this sort of thing just brings back memories of the fiasco surrounding the launch of BF3. Hopefully the problems will be sort out shortly by Dice. Will be interesting to see how many XP glitches are found as well by users before those are patched as well.


November 3, 2013, 1:16 am

There are plenty of bugs and glitches all over the multiplayer game but the worst is the disconnects, nothing like battling away on conquest for 20 mins to get booted from a flaky server. Haven't finished many games so it's a waste of time at the moment.

Jonathan Lovegrove

November 4, 2013, 5:00 pm

i have yet to have a single issue on 360 (apart from a freeze on map load, fixed with an install of the disc) i'd say that this has been probably the most successful MP launch in a long time!


November 6, 2013, 8:07 am

When you've pawned as Support''.... and have the ''Indirect fire' speciality/field upgrade''......the game will freeze up every time...so change the field upgrade to shadow'...and you'll not freeze up anymore''...


November 7, 2013, 8:44 pm

It's installed and I've got to the screen where says press start to begin then I get to the screen where it's raining and the background is blurry and its been loading now for about 40mins what's wrong?

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